The Best Blanket Scarf For Fall!

Top / Scarf / Jeans / Bag / Sneakers / C/O Watch /

Hey Guys,

I hope everyone is having a good week! Today I wanted to share with you the coziest. scarf. ever. and I’m not even exaggerating, this thing is huge and sooo soft and warm. As soon as I touched it, I fell in love and bought it in two colours haha! I already know it’s going to be a staple in my wardrobe through fall and winter, theres not question about it.

I kept todays outfit super simple since Peter and I shot these pictures right before we went grocery shopping, I love how the sneakers add a little interest to an otherwise plain look. I picked these up last week for only $15…how could I say no!? For the price I figured they would probably be a little uncomfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised(they have a memory foam insole!). In other news, tomorrow is Peters birthday and he still hasn’t given me any ideas on what he wants to do for it…so I guess I better start brain storming haha!

Instagram Round Up!

Bag – here / Scarf – similar here / Bracelet – here / Sunglasses – (sold out)similar here / watch – here / Flats – here / Phone Case – here / Pom Pom – similar here /

PJ Pants – similar here / Reading Socks – similar here /

Shoes – here / Jeans – here (I cut the hole in the knee of these exact AE jeans) / Top – here / Jean Jacket – similar here /

Shoes – here / Jeans – here / Bag – similar version here /

Pink Blouse – similar here / Jeans – here / Flats – here / Bag – similar here /

Scarf – here (in birch) / Sweater – here / Jeans – here / Booties – similar here /



Details in this post /


Candle – here /
Nail Polish – China Glaze *Too Yacht To Handle /

Yayyy it’s Friday!

I thought I would put up a Instagram round up since I’ve been posting a lotttttt of pictures on insta lately(sorry!). I don’t usually publish blog posts on Fridays…but I’m thinking I’d like to try posting more, twice a week isn’t enough!

Anyways I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Thanks for stopping by 🙂

February Favorites!

Happy first week of March, guys!

Today I’m rounding up my beauty, makeup, and lifestyle favorites that I’ve been obsessed with this past month!


1. Perfume – here / 2. Hot &Big Spray – here / 3. Whipped Lotion – here / 4. Lipstick – here / 5. Eyeshadow Quad – here / 6. Bronzer – here / 7. Phone Case – here / 8. Notebook –here / 9. Pillow – here /

1. Perfume – here

In my ‘Get To Know Me’ post I wrote that this perfume was one of my favorite smells, and I wasn’t lying. This is my favvvorite perfume right now, It almost smells like a sugary vanilla marshmallow! Who doesn’t like marshmallows? 😉

2. Whipped Lotion – here

My hands get super dry in the winter and one of my favs is this Jose Maran whipped argan oil intensive hand cream. It’s a little on the expensive side but it works wonders on your skin and smells like apricots(Yum)!

3. Hot & Big Spray – here

Okay so I bought this product by accident, thinking I picked up the Hot&Protect (for heat protection) but I’m soooo glad I did! I spray this all over my hair while its wet and then blow dry as normal, and my hair gets so much more voluminous, I love it!

4. Lipstick (in shade ‘Seduce’) – here

I have had this lipstick for a while, but have been using it A LOT lately its the perfect pinky coral colour! I do find it a little drying on the lips so I always apply some chapstick (I use cherry chapstick brand) underneath the lipstick first, and it counteracts the drying of the lipstick for a perfect application!

5. Bronzer (Tiki) – here

I have been using this bronzer religiously for the past month, it gives you a really gorgeous beachy glow. I just apply it to my cheek bones and a little on my temples after I’m done my makeup and it really finishes off the look.

6. Eyeshadow Quad (Chai Latte) – here

So I chose to add this Maybelline quad into my Feb favs list because last month in my January Favs I chose the Smashbox Full Exposure pallet, and I wanted to give another option for something not as expensive. I love Maybelline eyeshadows, I find the colour pay off is very comparable to the Smashbox pallet, and it has some really great nude shades that are perfect for every day makeup. It’s also really great for beginners because it tells you what colours to put where on your eyelid. I’ve re-purchased this quad probably 4 times, I love it!

7. Phone Case (Bahama) – here

I love fun and bright phone cases so when I discovered Sonix I became obsessed, they are extremely well made and have the cutest patterns and designs. **For my fellow Canadians, ordering off of ShopSonix website is pretty expensive because of the conversion and shipping, so try! I have found a bunch of mine for A LOT cheaper and free shipping!

8. Notebook –here

I am such a list person, I always have to have things written down. So when I saw all the cute Kate Spade notebooks at Indigo I had to have one, they are great quality and have two little pockets inside to hold any lose paper or receipts which I love.

9. Pillow – here

This pillow is everythinggg (insert praise hands emoji)! I’ve been looking at a similar one from Pier One Imports for a couple months now, but just couldn’t justify the $70 price tag…and then stumbled upon this almost exact one at JYSK for $30 so I had to get it! Its HUGE and sooo soft and fluffy, a must-have in my books.

Pamper Routine

Hi Guys!

I thought I would share my pamper routine that I do every Sunday night to feel refreshed for the upcoming week! The combination of all these steps/products really make for such an amazing spa-like treatment, without the expensive price tag.

step 1.png
Step 1. Set Your Mood To Relaxation;
To start off my pamper routine, I like to relax by turning on Spotify to the ‘Water Healing’ playlist and lighting my favorite Eucalyptus Mint candle! This candle smells so fresh its the perfect scent for relaxing.


Step 2. Getting Squeaky Clean;
After that I draw a hot bath and then pour in some of this Bath Milk with Serum Beads, it works like bubble bath but also smells soooo good and leaves your skin feeling super hydrated after every use. Next – to polish off my skin and make it feel extra amazing I use this Shea Sugar Body Scrub (which I have talked about in another post – here) that I absolutely love!


Step 3. All About Moisture;

After getting out of the bath I apply a full body lather of my favorite Shea Whipped Body Butter, and then rub some Almond Hand & Nail Butter over the backs of my hands. Both these creams are ultra rich and hydrating and smell so good! Next I apply my Pepermint Intensive Foot Rescue generously onto my feet and then put on Aloe Vera Socks so help hold in the moisture, for super soft results!


Step 4. Apply Masks;

And finally in this last step I apply my hair and face masks! This hair mask is an intensive hydrating mask that leaves your hair smooth,silky and smelling like candy(Yum)! While my hair mask is in I like to lay down and apply my face mask(this way the serum doesn’t drip off the sheet mask). I love closing my eyes and just taking some time to relax while the masks are working their magic! I usually leave these masks on for about an hour just to suck up as much moisture as possible, and then I just wash my hair out and peel the face mask off. Then with any left over serum on my face I like to pat it into my skin with my fingers.

and taaa daaa! That is my 4 step routine on how I refresh before a new week 🙂

Thanks for reading!