My Beach Bag Essentials!

Happy Monday,

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend! Peter and I are headed up north this Friday for a mini vacation, so as I was packing I thought I would share my beach bag essentials with you guys. I found a few new products earlier this summer that I’ve been loving so far and thought you might want to check them out as well. Also – since the #Nsale is still going strong I’m going to try and link as many of my favourite beach bag essentials that are currently included in the sale in the widgets below!

1. I’m sure everyones number one essentials are a bathing suit and towel. My bathing suit is a couple years old from Victorias Secret and my towel is a Home Sense find but I’m linking some cute sale options for you guys. When buying a beach towel I always try to find the biggest one around but also one that is not too thick, you want to extra room so it can double as a beach blanket but you want it on the thinner side so it dries fast! There’s nothing worse then a soaking wet towel when your at the beach!

2. Next up is UV protection: I’m currently using this sunscreen and this SPF lip balm to protect my skin. I have very fair skin and tend to burn easily so its deffinitly a must! I starting adding the lip balm into my routine last year when I was constantly getting really dry burnt lips after weekends in the sun and now I never have that problem!

3. I alway bring a book, magazine, floaties and some head phones to the beach to keep myself entertained. I just received this floatie from a brand and I’m packing it this weekend so I can lounge on it while floating around the lake. This book is what I’m currently reading and I’m packing it as well for when I’m tanning on the beach!

4. When I go to the beach I like to bring a simple inexpensive pair of flip flops that I don’t mind getting wet, sandy, and dirty. Every year before I go up north I usually stop in at Old Navy and pick up this pair of their all black foam flip flops, they aren’t the cutest but they are perfect for the beach and showers. The foam dries fast, wipes off like a breeze, and I get to save my cuter more expensive sandals from all the abuse!

5. A good pair of sunnies is a must at the beach, and again I like to bring a pair that isn’t so expensive incase they get scratched up in the sand, or lost(I’m the worst for losing sunglasses!). I currently have a BP. pair almost the same as this pair and love them because they are still cute and trendy but cost less then $20!

6. I don’t like the feeling of sand stuck to my skin after I’ve left beach so I always keep body wash, exfoliator (ironic, I know), moisturizer and aloe lotion in my beach bag. I’m loving the BABW ‘at the beach’ collection right now because it smells amazinggg and is super refreshing, but if you want to take advantage of some #Nsale deals I’ve linked a few other options below.



What are your must have essentials for the beach? Am I missing anything? Let me know in the comments!

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Buttoned Up In Burgundy!



Scarf / Shirt / Similar Skirt / Bag (Banana Republic – available in select stores) / Similar Booties /

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Today’s post is short and sweet, I decided to shoot this look that I featured in my blanket scarf post to show you how the scarf looks on! It’s one of my current favs and doesn’t break the bank <3

Casual Neutrals!



Similar Top / Cardigan -Old Navy (Available in stores) / Similar Shorts / Similar Bag / Similar Booties /

Hey guys!

Okay I know what your thinking… but I promise it was super hot out the day I took these pictures hah! Last week I put this outfit together thinking it was going to stay warm out for another few weeks, little did I know it was going to become fall overnight! Regardless – I still think this outfit is cute for warmer fall days but on chillier ones you could pair it with a good dark wash denim. I have been loving this cardigan from Old Navy lately, I ordered it online a few weeks ago but wasn’t able to find it on the website when I went to link it… If it comes back online I’ll update this post with the link!

In other news, I hope everyone had a good weekend! I did a little fall decorating in my room and started working on our front porch display! Decorating the porch is one of the activities I get most excited about in the fall, my sister and I always go all out!

Enjoy your Monday! <3

Olive Green and Camel OOTD!


Dress from American Eagle (sold out) Similar styles – here and here  / Similar Scarf / Similar Bag / Similar Booties / Bracelet / Earrings /

Can we just take a minute and admire how perfect this hot chocolate is… I’m obsessed! If anyone lives/is visiting the Burlington area and loves a creamy hot chocolate(or a good latte!), you have to check out Tamp Coffee Co. downtown!


…Okay moving on, hey guys!

I’ve been dreaming of this outfit in my head for months now and have been waiting (for what feels like forever) until September to wear it. The olive green and tan tones give this look a fall feel but its light and breezy enough to wear while it’s still warm out. I have another swing dress like this in burgundy (full post here) and I love wearing them, they are so comfortable I literally felt like I was walking around town in pajamas…in the best way possible. The fabric weight of this dress is perfect for this time of year, I’m planning on wearing it with a jacket and tights later on!

Thanks for reading, enjoy your Wednesday!