Self Tanning

It’s that time of year again!

We all want a gorgeous tan but we don’t necessarily want to bake our skin in the sun for hours to attain it. I have tried numerous self tanning brands and they always seem to have a nasty odor or turn your skin orange and streaky. I recently discovered St Tropez Bronzing Mousse and it has got to be hands down the best self tanner on the market! The scent is light and floral smelling and because it’s a mousse and you apply it with a mitt it’s almost impossible to get streaks from it! This tan is so natural looking I get compliments on it all the time, and lots of questions asking if I’ve recently gone away because I’ve got such a nice tan. The mousse goes on a little olive coloured so don’t be scared when you first try it, the tan will set to the perfect shade after about 4 hours. I like to apply it right before bed and put on a baggy sweater and loose sweat pants (to avoid turning my bed tan) and when you wake up your sun-kissed to perfection! You can buy this mousse in a light or dark formula, I always go with the light because my skin is so fair. A lot of girls I have talked to are intimidated by the price of this product but honestly it is worth every penny! I have applied about 6 tans out of my bottle and it still feels full! Considering I used to pay $70 for three spray tan’s at the salon and this 8oz $40 bottle with probably 15+ applications is a much better option!

You can buy St Tropez at Shoppers Drug Mart – Here

& Remember to buy an application mitt with your product, it makes applying the mousse a lot easier and prevents stained hands! Here

St Tropez


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