Simple DIY Glitter Pumpkins


I found myself in a crafting mood yesterday and felt like making some cute room décor pieces inspired by Halloween! While I was browsing though my local Dollar Tree I found a few Styrofoam pumpkins and thought I could make them my own with a little white paint and a lot of gold glitter.


Orange pumpkins & All purpose glue – Dollar Tree / Gold glitter & Sponge brushes – Dollarama / White spray paint – Walmart / Gold metallic acrylic paint – Michael’s Craft Store /

These pumpkins were extremely fun and easy to make and look so good in any room of the house! However they are a little messy to make so be sure to set out some newspaper over the table your working at in order to catch the loose glitter that falls from the pumpkins

Step One – Spray Paint Pumpkins  

**This step should be done outdoors** The great thing about these pumpkins is that they are made of Styrofoam so I was able to insert the end of a paint brush into the bottom of each pumpkin (to hold onto while painting) in order to get a seamless spray with the paint. Once all three of the pumpkins were painted I set them down in a box outside to dry (about an hour). Once they are dry and painted to your preference move onto step two!


Step Two – Apply Glue (or Paint) & Glitter

You can apply the glue in which ever patteren you choose, but I do recommend working in small sections at a time. For example – with the polka-dot  pumpkin I did three dots with glue at a time and then applied the glitter to ensure that the glue doesn’t dry before you get to the glitter.

I didn’t use glue to secure the glitter for all of the pumpkins because the glue is clear and hard to see when making detailed designs, so for the eyes and mouth of the jack-o-lantern pumpkin I used gold paint and painted on the design then while the paint was still wet I just went overtop of it with loose glitter.

Step Three – Remove Excess Glitter

Grab a clean sponge brush and gently wipe away any excess glitter that is stuck to your pumpkin (there will be a lot)

Now repeat steps 2 & 3 until all your pumpkins are decorated!


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