DIY Gold Sequin Skull


Since I have been seeing gold ceramic skull décor all over the internet and blogs lately I thought I would DIY my own. I just cant bring myself to pay 30+ dollars for a trend piece that I’m only going to have on display in my room during the month of October. While I was browsing through the Dollarama by my house I spotted a white Halloween skull that I thought I could turn into a gold skull and I added a little glitz to it with some glitter.
/ Sponge Brushes & Glitter – Dollarama / Gold Crafters Acrylic Paint – Micheal’s Craft Store / CraftMedley Crafting Glue – Dollar Tree /

Step One – Paint Skull

**If you want to do this the fast way gold spray paint would work best in less time**

I used acrylic paint to paint my skull because I already had this paint in my house – I had to do about three or four coats to get a really opaque colour. When painting the skull I used a sponge blush to dab the paint onto the skull, I found this worked much better for coverage compaired to a stroking motion. Let dry and complete this step multiple times until you have the colour intensity of your liking.

Step Two – Add Glitter

Once your skull is completely dry – take your crafting glue and cover the eye sockets in glue, using the tip of the glue bottle to help spread the glue evenly. Next sprinkle your glitter over the wet glue and press gently over the glittered areas to ensure the glitter is stuck in place. Continue this step on the nose socket or any other area you would like glitter.

Step Three – Clean Up 

Tap the back of your skull while its face down to knock off any access glitter that isn’t stuck to the glue, then take a clean sponge brush and gently wipe away any stray glitters that are on the face of your skull.

and that’s all it takes to make a trendy gold skull to add a little edge to any room!


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