My Holy Grail Skin Products (For Body)


All three of these products are from The Body Shop – (in the order pictured) / Shea Sugar Body Scrub – here / Shea Body Whip Lotion – here / Shea Beautifying Oil – here /

These three products are my holy grail when it comes to keeping my skin soft and moisturized year round. I use the sugar scub in the shower with me, it exfoliates any dead skin away and leaves a light shea oil on the skin to lock in moisture, which leaves your skin feeling A-mazing afterwards. Seriously I am obsessed with this stuff. Also the smell is delicious too! After I shower I apply a generous amount of the shea whipped lotion to my whole body, I struggled for a long time to find a body moisturizer that leaves my skin feeling refreshed and “plump” with moisture. A lot I have tried just sit on the skin, and feel greasy or soak in but only penetrate the first layer of skin and leaves my skin feeling dry again in a few hours. This whipped lotion actually makes my skin feel so sooo good, for days! I have been using it for the past year and I don’t think ill ever switch to a different one. As for the beautifying oil I like to use this once a week on my legs just for some extra moisture and softness. The oil is good on your whole body and hair but the bottle is really small so I only use it when and where I need some extra moisture. Which is usually my legs since I wear a lot of skirts and dresses. On top of all the amazing results I get from the products its a cherry on top of the cake that The Body Shop is against animal testing and all products are cruelty free! That alone makes these products worth every penny 🙂


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