Nail Faulsie Favorites

I get a lot of questions about what I do to my nails, whether or not they are acrylic/gel/shellac, done at home or at the salon. So today I wanted to share some of my favorite brands for an at-home mani that looks like it’s from the salon!

The past year or two I had been getting acrylic nails done at the salon, because I’m obsessed with the look of a French manicure, and I could never grow my natural nails long enough without wanting to bite them off (gross habit…I know) so getting acrylic seemed to be the best option for me. However after a while it was getting to be too high maintenance having to get them filled every two weeks so I decided to get them removed, and not surprisingly my natural nails were destroyed. One+ years of salon acrylics had caused my nails to be weak and damaged, breaking every time they got some-what long.

I have decided I shouldn’t have to sacrifice my natural nails for a salon mani, so I try to keep them natural with a bit of polish for a week or two every month, but when I feel to urge for that fresh from the salon nail look I will still treat myself! However I don’t actually go to the salon, I just go to the drug store and pick up a package of press/glue on nails. I have tried every different kind, and I now know what brands are better for what I want them for (events, work, everyday life ect…).

So let me jump right into it!

**My top pick for short-wear nails is the L’Oréal Colour Riche Press-On Nails 

If I’m going to a party or out on date night, I like to do something a little more trendy and fun. The L’Oréal Colour Riche Nails are perfect for achieving this kind of look, they are super easy to apply because they just go on like a sticker! All you have to do is find the right size fake nail for each of your real nails, then apply a little sticky pad onto your nail and stick the fake nail onto your natural one! I’ve added a couple pictures of the nail patterns I use the most down below, but they come in a bunch of other colours and patterns too.

So like I said before I will wear these for maybe one or two days, they are a easy way to glam up your nails for an occasion however I don’t recommend buying these to wear daily. I have tried doing so- because the box says 7 day wear…but because of the sticker application and the flexible gel-like texture of the nail they are not strong enough to hold up to everyday life.


Next up for my Medium/Long wear nails I use Kiss – Acrylic French


I looove these nails! They look like salon quality, the white tip doesn’t chip or fade like some other brands do and they stay super shiny. I get these in the ‘medium’ length occasionally but my favorite is ‘real short’ because they don’t get in the way while I’m working. These are applied using nail glue so they stay secure on your nail without having to worry about them, which is a must! I keep these nails on for at least a week, sometimes two before switching them out.

**I can usually get away with two applications out of each box because it comes with 28 nails…the first application looks perfect, and on the second application some nails might be a tiny bit too big for my natural nails but no one notices 🙂

By using drug store press on nails I find my natural nails stay really strong and healthy, without all the breakage that comes along with salon acrylics.


Thanks for stopping by!



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