Top Picks for January!

jan favs

With January officially over I wanted to share my top ten favorite products that I have been really loving this past month!

Starting with #1 of course… St Tropez Bronzing mouse, because being pale just isn’t an option for me right now. I’ve been missing the sun so badly but just because its winter doesn’t mean I cant fake a good summer tan! For more details about how much I love this product and how to use it I have a previous post linked – Here

#2 Crest Pro Health HD Daily Two Step System – This stuff works amazing for giving you a whiter smile! I’ve been using it religiously for the past month and it makes such a difference. I noticed whiter teeth after the second use!

#3 John Frida Sheer Blonde Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray -This spray is for blondes only but it really helps with keeping your roots in check between dye jobs. Every time I use it I get questions about if I had recently gotten my hair done, which I haven’t in a year! I’ve been meaning to actually get my hair done but this stuff makes it too easy to forget that I have roots. This is a must have for all blondes!

#4 EOS Hand Lotion – I received a ton of these little lotions for Christmas and I have fallen in love! These are the perfect size to fit in your purse, car, and even in your blazer pocket at work. They smell AMAZING (the blue one is my favorite) and they make your hands feel so nice and smooth.

#5 L’oreal Paris Infallible Setting Spray – I decided to buy this setting spray because I heard soooo many good reviews. I wanted to try ‘baking’ my makeup and needed something to help set it, this spray works perfectly and I’ve been using it every day since!

#6 Smashbox Full Exposure Palette – I am so happy I stumbled across this palette! It has the perfect combination of nudes, from light to dark. Despite some of the reviews I had read, these shadows are very pigmented and of great quality! They last all day long, apply beautify, and the light shimmery shades double as an amazing highlighter!

#7 Formula X Nail Polish in colour; Carnation Pink – I am always on the hunt for the perfect light pink shade, and this one is my current favorite! You have to apply a few coats but the final result is so worth it. I have also been playing around and applied a pearlescent top coat over the pink which adds an extra feminine look, its so pretty!

#8 Bliss by Shay Mitchell & Michaela Blaney – I am currently reading this book by Shay Mitchell, who I am a huge fan of and I’m loving it! Bliss is a fun and entertaining read, I highly recommend!

#9 Saje Wellness Lavender Relaxing Mist – I had been wanting to get a relaxation mist for a while to spay over my pillow before bed, and I’m glad I did some research and chose this one from Saje Wellness. It helps immensely to sooth my racing thoughts, which allows me to fall asleep faster.

#10 Bath & Body Works Candle in Eucalyptus Mint – I am obsessed with this candle! Its a very clean and fresh scent that I love lighting when I take a bubble bath, its the ultimate for relaxation!




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