DIY Golden Detail Vases


With Valentines day right around the corner, I thought I would DIY these pretty vases I saw on Pinterest a couple weeks ago.  I’m thinking we can use them to hold the flowers we may or may not be getting from our valentines ;). These vases are super easy and fun to make and cost less then $15 for all three!

What You Need:

  • Various glass vases or jars
  • Gold spray paint
  • Blue painters tape


  • Start by quickly washing your various sized glass vases
  • Tape off the top rim of the vase  (as pictured below)


  • Use your painters tape and tape off whatever pattern you want


  • Spray paint a thin layer of gold over your vase, wait an hour and then spray another thin layer of paint. You will want to layer the paint on thinly so the paint doesn’t start to drip, and make sure the paint is completely dry before you spray another layer. (continue this step until the paint is at your desired coverage)
  • Once your paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape
  • Then fill with flowers 🙂


It’s that easy!




Thanks for reading!



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