Whats In My Bag

Today I thought I would do a post about what’s in my bag, and how I keep it organized! I always love watching YouTube videos on this topic so I thought it might be fun to do one on my blog 🙂



I have always had a thing for lager sized bags like totes and satchels but I hated when they would become a black hole for all my belongings. Which is why I like to store my purse contents in little pouches to keep everything organized and easy to find. Another bonus to using pouches is that it makes switching over your bags, super simple (which I do frequently).


/ Micheal Kors Bag here / Kate Spade Wallet similar here / Small Gold Pouch similar here / Sequin Pouch similar here / Sonix Iphone6 Case here / Banana Republic Gold Refection Aviators Similar here / VS Heavenly Travel Spray here /

Along with my gold pouches, My main purse essentials are my Kate Spade wallet, Banana Republic Gold Reflective Aviators, Victoria’s Secret Heavenly Travel Mist, and of course my IPhone. For obvious reasons!


Cherry Chapstick here / VS Lip Plumper similar here / Annabelle Lip Liner here  / Nars Lip Pencil  here / Sephora Lipstick here /

In the small gold pouch I keep my chapstick, VS lip plumper, Annabell lip liner, Nars lip pencil and Sephora lipstick.  These little guys are the worst for getting lost in the bottom of my bag so keeping them together is a must!


Goody Hair Elastics here / Boscia Blotting Papers here / VS Noir Tease Travel Mist here / Collapible brush here / Bath & Body Works Nail File here / Jose Marin Whipped Argan Oil Hand Cream here / Kleenex Travel Pack here /

And in my gold sequin bag (I die over how pretty this pouch is) I keep all my other essentials. Starting from top left – hair elastics, charcoal blotting papers, travel size VS Noir Tease body mist, a collapsible brush, Bath and body works nail file, a pink pen, Jose Marin whipped argon oil hand cream, and a travel pack of Kleenex.

I like to be prepared when Im out running around and between my purse and the essentials I keep in my car, I’ve always got what I need 🙂


Thanks for reading!


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