How To Clean Makeup Brushes

I wanted to do a post on how to easily and inexpensively clean your makeup brushes! When I was in high-school I was the worst culprit for never cleaning my brushes…simply because I didn’t know how. I always feared using soup that might be too strong and would clog up my brushes and ruin them, or cause breakouts. That was until I started using baby shampoo, its gentle on your brushes like it is on babies hair, but still gets the oily makeup out of your brushes! I have been cleaning my brushes this way for about 5 years, and my brushes are still in great condition!


Let’s Get Started!

Gather up all your brushes that need cleaning and bring them to a sink that has a counter beside it. (For the pictures sake, I have the bowls of water on the counter, but while I’m cleaning my brushes I keep the bowls in the sink)

You Will Need;

  • Baby Shampoo (I use Equate brand but Jergens works too!)
  • 2 Plastic Bowls (make sure your okay with having these bowls caked in makeup by the end)
  • Paper Towels
  • Your Brushes


Step One;

  • Pour about a dime sized drop of baby shampoo into one bowl
  • Then fill both bowls with warm water – I like the keep the bowls in the base of the sink while cleaning brushes because your going to be changing the water a lot!

*One of your bowls is for washing and the other is for rinsing


Step Two;

  • Dip your brush into the bowl with the soap in it, and rub side-ways back and forth. You don’t want to rub in a circular motion because it can damage the brush, and you also don’t want to put your brush in water deeper then the metal part at the end, the wooden handle can be ruined by water.


Step Three;

  • Rub your brush on the paper towel to make sure it comes off clean, if you see any makeup rubbing off, then replace the water and soap in your washing bowl and clean it again until it rubs off clean on the paper towel.


Step Four;

  • Rinse your brush off in the water bowl by rubbing it sideways back and forth, just to get any left over soap off


Step Five;

  • Gently press your brush into a clean section on the paper towel to get any excess water off


Step Six;

  • Let your clean brushes dry on a clean paper towel for about a full day, every few hours I gently swirl the bristles around on the palm of my hand just to speed up the drying process.

Repeat steps one – six for each brush 🙂

The first wash of your brushes might take a while if you’ve never done it before, because you will have a lot of makeup caked into them but after that it will get easier every time. I usually wash my brushes every 2 – 4 weeks…I know its bad but every week just isn’t practical for me. Although if you have the time, its recommended to clean them every week to nix bacterial growth within the brush.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!




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