Friday Feature

This week has been a busy one! I’m almost completely re-doing my bedroom – between picking out paint colours, purging old clothes and furniture, and shopping for new stuff, I’ve barely had time to dress myself! Needless to say my wardrobe has consisted solely of leggings and tunic style tops for the past 5 days (oops!). No complains here though – I absolutely love my LuLuLemon Leggings, and basically live in them whenever I don’t have somewhere to be. Everyone knows about the ‘Wonder Under’ style leggings, because they are amazing for working out and just to wear as a legging for everyday wear, but I recently bought a pair of ‘Speed tights’ and have fallen in love.


These are the leggings I have been wearing non stop because they come up a little higher in the waist band so they stay put while your working (I always find myself pulling up my Wonder Unders). I wear these to the gym for that reason, but they are also my go-to pair for anything I’m doing that involves effort…like loading Ikea furniture into my car hah! These also have a pocket on each side which I love because they’re deep enough pockets for your phone or keys!


Here is how I styled mine!



Thanks for reading, I hope everyone has an amazing weekend!






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