My Go-To Hot Tools

Happy Wednesday!

I wanted to talk about hot tools today because I have naturally thick wavy/curly hair so it can be very hard to manage at times, I need to use hot tools everyday to keep it tame and frizz-free!

Hair Straightener

I wear my hair straight 99% of the time so having a good quality hair straightener is a necessity for me. I used to buy whatever was on sale at hair salons when I was in high school, but they never lasted longer then a year and most couldn’t get hot enough to completely straighten out my waves. A couple years ago I invested in a Chi and I am extremely happy that I did!


Chi Straightener & Curler combo – Here

The first thing I noticed once I switched over to a Chi was it could style my hair in 10 minutes which is huge for me! …I can remember my first straightener took me an hour to do my whole head, no joke! I also noticed a huge reduction in hair breakage, the ceramic plates on my chi are so smooth my hair glides right over them with no pulling! My old NuMe straightener used to pull my hair out all the time, after I was finished straightening there would be so many broken hairs all over my lap – and because of this it felt like my hair never grew! So now that I have switched to a Chi my hair is actually gaining some length (Yay!).

Hair Dryer 



Revlon Hair Dryer – Here

I bought my Revlon hair dryer almost 4 years ago and its still going strong, It`s not the exact one I have linked & pictured because like I said, mine is old. I linked the newer version of it for you guys, and how cute is the colour!? Mine is turquoise..but this hot pink one is temping me to go buy that one too (haha!) I love this hair dryer because it drys my thick hair in under 10 minutes and is super affordable. I always struggled finding an affordable blow dryer that could dry my hair quickly but this one does the trick!


Curling Iron


Bio Ionic Curler – Here

I bought this curling iron a few years ago and have been obsessed with it ever since! It has a flat clamp, so you can use it, or just wined your hair right over top of it and pretend that its a wand. Either way works perfect, you get big beautiful bombshell waves which are my favorite! The best part about this curler is that the clamp spins around so when your curling your hair you don`t have to spin the curler to wrap your hair around it! All you have to do it push the swivel shaft on the curler with your fingers and it will wined your hair around the wand for you! This might sound kind of confusing… but if you want to see a video on how it works check out it out- Here It makes for an easy and fast styling process, and the final results are gorgeous!


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