DIY Flower Planters

Hey Guys!

Today my sister (who is a major gardener) and I (definitely not a gardener) wanted to team up and do a post about how to make simple flower planters to spruce up your front porch, back patio or even your garden! Garden centers sell already-made planters for at least $30/40 a piece, sometimes even more, so we wanted to show you how to make your own for much, much less 🙂

DSCN2539 (2).JPG




What You’ll Need:

  • Pots
  • Assortment of flowers

We Used:

Small Pot – Fiber Optics Plant

Medium Pot – Alyssum, Variegated Geranium

Large Pot – Sweet Potato Vine ‘Lime’, Variegated Ivy,  Dracena Spike, ‘Diamond Frost’ Euphoria, Dahlia

  • Potting Mix (as pictured)
  • Small Shovel


Step One: 

Fill your pots with the potting mix and then lay the flowers out in your pots. Play around with different combinations of flowers and placement until you’re happy with how it looks. You always want a few variations in height in your planters, 3 is ideal but in smaller pots 2 looks great! What I mean by that is, some plants grown downwards and drape over the pot, some grow flat across the soil and others grow upwards. Mixing different heights in your planters creates interest which makes for a more professional looking planter.


Step Two:

Plant your flowers! Dig a small hole with your shovel and place your flower inside, then gently fill in the rest of the hole with soil and press it into place to secure it. Repeat this step for all your flowers.

Step Three:

Give your planters some water and your all finished! The plants we used are full/partial sun plants so make sure if your using similar plants to always keep your planter in a sunny spot and water regularly.

DSCN2532 (2).JPG
DSCN2521 (2).JPG
DSCN2542 (3).JPG

Thanks so much for reading, enjoy the rest of the week! ❤










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