Friday Feature/ Mini DIY

Happy Friday everyone!

Today’s post I wanted to talk about those super trendy black suede choker necklaces that everyone’s wearing right now, I think I’ve seen them for sale in every store I’ve been in lately! I love the look of them and how they remind me of when I was 7 and wore those black stretchy plastic chokers (which are actually back in fashion).

Feather Charm Choker – here / Plain Suede Choker – here /

I’ve really been wanting to buy one but I can’t get over the $15 price tag for the tiniest piece of suede. And being the crafty girl that I am,  I went to the dollar store to pick up the same suede string for $1.25 and then went to my local craft store and bought a little feather charm for $2.


Tadaaa almost identical necklaces for only $3.25! I tied mine at the back instead of in the front but whats great about making your own is you can wear it any way you want! You can switch it up to a ton of different looks using the same piece of suede. I’ll attach some ideas down below!


Thanks so much for reading! ❤




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