May Favorites!

Happy first day of June!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the past few days, we’ve had relatives from Holland visiting so my mom and I have been showing them around our city and taking them to see the sites! It’s been a great little mini vacation for us haha! Anyways, Today I’m rounding up all my May Favorites for beauty, makeup, and lifestyle. 🙂


Ponds Makeup Wipes – here

As much as I try to wash my face before going to bed every night, sometimes I’m just way too lazy to get up and do it, which is why I love having makeup removing wipes in my bed-side drawer! I’ve tried a few different brands of  wipes but I find ponds are better then others when it comes to effectively taking the makeup off without having to use a lot of force, they are very moist so the makeup wipes off with ease. But what really makes these particular wipes stand out to me is that the formula makes my skin feel very clean and refreshed afterwards – just as much as if I had actually washed my face, which is exactly what I want. I keep a pack of these in my gym bag, car and make-up bag as well as my bed-side drawer, these are also a savior when your camping and don’t have running water near by to wash your face!

Nivea Eye-Makeup Remover – here

For a while I never used eye make-up remover because my face wash seemed to be getting my mascara off pretty well.. it wasn’t until I revived a sample of eye-makeup remover that I realized what I was missing out on. I find it much easier and gentler on my eyelashes, and I don’t have to rub so hard, in fact I barely have to rub at all!

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate Oil – here

This stuff is sooooo hydrating! It’s a newer product to my collection but I had  heard amazing things so of course I had to give it a try and so far so good! I put it on before bed and by the morning the oils are all soaked in and my skin looks and feels so soft and hydrated. I do have sensitive skin so I was a little worried the oil would break me out but my skins seems to love it!

Elf Loose Translucent Powder – here

I ordered this powder online without reading any reviews on it, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised! I was worried because it was pretty inexpensive that it wouldn’t be the best quality but I love it! I bought it specifically for ‘baking’ and it works great in combination with my L’oreal True Match Concealer!

Sephora Eyelash Curler – here

After trying many drug store eyelash curlers that would pinch my eyelids, I finally invested in the Sephora 18karat gold one and it’s amazing! no pinching, just the perfect curl!

Sally Hansen Nail Polish ‘Let’s Snow’ – here

I loved this colour so much I accidentally bought it twice without realizing about one week apart! It’s just a nice white shade but what I love about this polish brand is that it has a really nice brush and as long as you use a base and top coat it stays on really well too!

Hello Beautiful BABW Candle – here

The definition of a spring garden smell is this candle! It smells so much like real peonies, I just can’t get enough.

Hurricane Vase – here

I bought two of these vases because they look amazing with large candles in them! They fit my Bath&Body Works three wick candles perfectly and dress them up a little, which I love. I’ve currently got my ‘Hello Beautiful’ candle burning in this vase as I type!

Lemonade –

Now that the hot sticky weather is rolling in, I’ve been downing lemonade like crazy! Except with a little twist, I’ve been adding shaved ice to my cup before pouring in my lemonade to make an ice cold ‘slurpee’ type drink, which is sooo refreshing on a hot day!


If you’ve tried any of these products I would love to hear your opinions!

Thanks so much for reading ❤






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