Awenda Vacation

Hey guys!

Just posting a few snaps from my mini vacay with Peter from last week. We had an amazing time relaxing and spending some time just the two of us! I can’t remember how much I told you guys already but Peter planned a little last minute surprise trip for the two of us to spend a few days up north camping, so after switching my scheduled around a bit and a day of packing we headed out Tuesday morning on our adventure!

Day 1 –

Tuesday morning we got up early, packed the truck, and had to buy some last minute food and supplies for the trip. We arrived at the park around 2pm, set up our campsite and then headed to the beach! It was sooo nice because the park was empty, we would barley ever saw anyone else when we went places, like the beach or on trails!

IMG_2620 (3)IMG_2640 (2)IMG_2650 (2)IMG_2599 (2)IMG_2594 (3)

We ended Tuesday with some ice cream on a dock watching the sunset 🙂


Day 2 –

We spent a lot of time on the beach on Wednesday and then headed into town so peter could go fishing at night. Peter caught a tiny fish and wanted to try again on Thursday but the raccoons ate his worms on Wednesday night while we were sleeping, haha oops!

IMG_2628 (2)IMG_2632 (2)IMG_2637 (2)

(Obviously had to add muffin into the pic haha)

IMG_2597 (4)IMG_2601 (2)

Day 3 –

Thursday morning we hit the beach for some sun and then went into town to do some site seeing. After that we found a little restaurant right on the water to eat dinner, which was delicous, then got icecream and watched the sunset (again). but how can you not with a view like that!?

IMG_2657 (2)IMG_2662 (2)IMG_2671 (2)IMG_2675 (2)IMG_2692 (2)IMG_2694 (2)IMG_2735 (2)IMG_2713 (2)IMG_2742 (2)

We got so lucky with the weather while we were away it was absolutely beautiful everyday, we had to take advantage of all the nice sunsets and beach days. I was hoping to do some hiking but the walk to the beach was long enough (haha it was actually quite the long walk) it was so hot during the day we had to be at the beach to go swimming since the lake was super cold and refreshing.

Friday morning we woke up and packed everything up, went to the beach for about an hour and then checked out of the park. We still didn’t want to leave town just yet so we went back to our new fav lakeside restaurant and got lunch and a milkshake and then headed home. The traffic was bad on the way back home but overall it was such a good trip, I already can’t wait to go back!

Thanks for reading!


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