Save VS Splurge

Same style of outfit but majorly different price points!


Save: Skirt ($42) – here / Top ($17) – here /  Heels ($60) – here /  Sunglasses ($14) – here /

Splurge:  Skirt ($194) – here / Top ($175) – here / Heels ($131) – here / Sunglasses ($205) – here /

Happy Monday!

I wanted to make a post like this because I always find myself coveting designer pieces that are waay over my budget(especially for a trendy piece that isn’t a wardrobe staple!). Which means I rarely end up purchasing them, but luckily with the amount of retailers we have these days there’s almost always a dupe of any given designer piece for a fraction of the price! Which is what I usually opt for because I know these pieces wont be in style forever and I like to save my money anyway I can.

On another note, I’m up north right now writing this from a hammock and loving every minute! We are having amazing weather, so no complaints here…besides the fact I have to leave tomorrow 😦 but I’ll be back in a few weeks, so that’s what I have to keep telling myself hahah!

Hope everyones having a good Monday,

Thanks for stopping by ❤




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