5 Tips For A Good Nights Sleep

Hey guys!

Todays post is a little different then my usual content but at the beginning of the year I was having a lot of trouble falling asleep at night, I would toss and turn for hours not being able to shut my brain off and relax. After much experimenting and tweaking of my lifestyle I was able to find a routine that really works for me! I’m now able to shush my inner thoughts and get the sleep that I need! It’s been working for me for months now so I figured it was time to share, in case any of you have the same (really annoying) problem.


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Tip One – Get Cozy

About an hour before I want to be asleep I get ready for bed – wash my face, brush my teeth, put my favorite pj’s on, this way I don’t have to do it when I’m finally feeling tired at the end of the night. I also like to fill up my hot water bottle to bring to bed with me. Hot water bottles are amazing for so many things whether you have aches and pains or just want some extra heat. I find when I use one at night in my bed it makes me feel so warm and cozy, which is the perfect combination for sleep!

Tip Two – Drink Chamomile Tea

I boil the kettle and make some chamomile tea at night, I drink it black so there’s no sugars that could be keeping me awake. Chamomile is caffeine free and helps calm the nervous system to help aid with sleep. It also helps soothe stomach aches too! I take my tea to bed with me and sip on it periodically.

Tip Three – Unplug

This tip  is the most important and probably the hardest for most of us – unplug, I shut off all social media and put my phone away. At night I like to give my brain a break from the constant whirlwind that is the internet. Instead of reaching for my phone or tablet I grab a book.

Tip Four – Lavender Mist

I love to spray lavender relaxing mist in the air and inhale before reading, it helps create a sense of harmony of your mind and body, so you can relax and focus.

Tip Five – Read

I read for an hour which really helps tune out all my thoughts/worries/stress and just focus on one thing. I don’t know about you guys but nothing puts me to sleep faster then reading a book in bed!

After all this I’m usually passed out within the hour!

Thanks for reading! ❤



**I don’t do this every night, just when I’m stressed or needing to relax in order to sleep.



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