Killbear Vacation

Hey guys!

Todays post isn’t my usual Friday Feature because I wanted to share some snaps of my trip to Killbear Provincial Park- the camp ground I go to every year with my family. I have been to this park basically every summer since I was a born, so it holds a lot of amazing memories for myself and my family.

Night One;

My parents went up to the park on Thursday morning but Jess and I didn’t get up there until Saturday around dinner time(she had to work), so we ate with my parents and then went to catch the sunset from our favorite spot. It was a little cloudy but still beautiful ❤

IMG_2984 (2)IMG_2906 (2)

Day Two;

The next day was pretty overcast but we still managed to hang out on the beach for most of the day, then went for a hike to the lighthouse, got ice cream, and watched the sunset.

IMG_2942 (2)IMG_2948 (2)IMG_2994 (2)IMG_3070 (2)

For the past couple years I always try to get a picture sitting beside this wind-swept tree at sundown!

Day Three;

Jess and I woke up at 5AM to catch then sunrise on the beach, It was beautiful but it was a little chilly and we were tired so we went back to bed when the sun came up and slept until 10! After that we hit the beach for the rest of the day, I read the entire time so the day flew by. We went on a hike after dinner and then back to our favorite sunset spot at sundown!

IMG_3068 (2)IMG_3079 (2).JPGIMG_3087 (2)IMG_3014 (2)

Day Four;

On our last day Jess and I wanted to take the Island Queen Cruise around Georgian Bay’s 30 000 islands. We see it drive by all the time when we’re on the beach at Killbear and have wanted to go on it for years, so this year we made it happen! My parents decided to join us too so it was a fun day spent together, and they even served Starbucks on the boat (my fav!).

IMG_3111 (2)IMG_3134 (2)IMG_3125 (2)IMG_3138 (2)IMG_3152 (2)

After the cruise Jess and I headed for home. It was a short but sweet little vacation but we were happy to come home to our fur babies!

I always miss Muffin so much when I’m gone.


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