Desk Organization & Makeup Storage

Hey guys!

As a continuation to my room tour post (here) today I’m sharing my desk details and makeup storage, with tips on how I keep it all organized. I am someone who has to be organized in order to be productive, so I thought sharing some of my tips might help motivate some of you to get organized and to feel empowered by it!

DeskOrganizationMakeupStorage1DSCN2548 (3)

I use my desk for two things;

The first is to do my hair and makeup, so the left side of my desk houses my mirror, brushes, sponges, and Q Tips. As well as a tall chest of drawers beside my desk that holds all my products and hot tools.

And the second is to work on my blog, so the right side of my desk is home to my desk lamp, notebooks, and computer.

A Look Inside My Drawers!

Desk Details1

I use one of the drawers in my desk to keep stationary supplies, I don’t know why but ever since I was a kid ‘back to school’ shopping was always my favorite because I loove stationary supplies. I find I always want to keep things organized when I get excited about whatever it is! So in this case, I made sure to buy lots of colourful supplies so the drawer wasn’t boring.

Tip: Keeping note pads and sticky notes on hand is key for writing down little reminders to yourself. I hate wasting a whole paper on something small, so instead of trying to ‘remember’ (& forgetting) I write it on a sticky!

Tip: I  keep blank greeting cards in my desk encase I need a Thank You, or Birthday Card in a pinch!



In my other desk drawer I keep my agenda and laptop, this is where I charge and store my laptop when it’s not in use. Its nice to keep  it off the desk because it makes my desk feel a lot more spacious while I’m doing my makeup ect.

Tip: If you have exposed drawers in your desk (like I do), run your computer charger cord into the drawer so you don’t have to look at messy cords on your desk!

My Makeup Storage



I bought a caboodle a few years ago and don’t know how I ever lived without it! This thing is amazing for makeup lovers like myself because it can store ALL your makeup in one spot. With all the little shelves to organize your products it makes for easy makeup applications, no more rummaging through makeup bags(Hurray)!

*Caboodles come in a bunch of different sizes, I believe mine is a medium sized one. Available here / or here in black.

Tip: I like to organize each shelf by order of each step I take while applying my makeup; This makes doing my makeup much faster because I know where everything is!

Shelf one – Primers, Foundations and Concealers

Shelf Two – Setting Powders, Bronzer, Blush, Highlighters

Shelf Three – Eye Shadows, and Eyelid Primer

Shelf Four – Eyeliners, Mascara, Eyebrow Pencils and Gels

The bottom area holds my pallets and other makeup that I don’t necessarily use everyday, as well as doubles of products for when I run out of something.

My Chest of Drawers

This piece of furniture is such a life saver, it’s just the right size to hold all my products neatly without taking up a lot of floor space. Which is exactly what I needed because I had a lot to store, and not a lot of floor space!

DSCN2642 (2)

I was concerned that the shallow drawers would make for less storage space because I can’t stack things on top of each other, but I realized not being able to stack things is actually a blessing! By having all my products in a single layer I am now able to see everything and don’t ever forget or ‘misplace’ my things.

Here are a few pictures for reference! 

DSCN2571 (3)
Self Tanning Drawer
DSCN2576 (3)
Hair Products
DSCN2573 (3)
Fragrances for Body & Home

My main trick to staying organized is to have all items for each purpose clustered together in their own separate drawers. For example – in the pictures above you can see I have a drawer strictly for self tanning supplies, a separate drawer for hair products, and a separate drawer for fragrances! This makes it super easy to see what I have and be able to find everything, which is really calming for my OCD haha!


Okay sorry for the long post today, I hope it wasn’t too confusing. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment down below!

Thanks for reading ❤







10 thoughts on “Desk Organization & Makeup Storage

  1. Such a lovely desk you have made it so pretty, really like the shelves above your desk. I am waiting for mine to go up, not sure what I was going to be putting on there. Now I have some great ideas and tips thank you, love this type of post x


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