Friday Feature!

Happy Friday Friends!

Sorry this post is up so late today, I originally planned to have my ‘Building a Capsule Wardrobe’ post up, but after working on for the past 2 days it’s still not finished. I want to make sure its perfect before I publish it so i’m going to post it next week instead…I’m thinking either Monday or Wednesday! So today I’m back to my regular Friday Feature series, and this week I thought I would talk about…..Flare Denim!



Okay, so when I first started seeing this trend back in stores I wasn’t too crazy about it, but as the months went on it slowly started to growing on me! I don’t know if I will ever go back to the light wash flares, because they just remind me of my elementary school days. However it’s the dark wash denim that has me itching to try them on. When boot cut denim was big a few years ago I had a dark wash pair that I wore to work ALL the time, they looked great with everything. I would usually wear them with a blouse tucked in, a skinny belt, and flats and it always looked very chic. I think flared denim give off the same kind of vibe, I can barely tell the difference between ‘boot’ and ‘flare'(maybe because I’m tall?). There is just something so much more professional about a good dark wash pair of flares over your typical skinny jeans…but don’t get me wrong I still love my skinny jeans!

What are your feelings on the return of flared denim? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks so much for stopping by, and have an awesome weekend!



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