Empty Products!

Happy Monday Everyone!

I decided to skip my usual ‘Monthly Favorites’ post this month because I haven’t been using anything new lately. I’m still hooked on all my old favorites that I covered in my past posts! But I thought I would do a post covering all the products I have used up and re-purchased recently because I loved them so much, I think that says a little more about a product if you regularly re-purchase it then just a first impression!

For Face


Olay Moisturizer – I’ve been using this moisturizer for years because its light but hydrating,  perfect for everyday wear under makeup!



Olay Face Wash – I’m constantly re-purchasing this face wash because of how well it takes my makeup off, and it’s got subtle exfoliators in it that are gentle enough for everyday use!


Witch Hazel – Amazing for so many different things (bug bites, razor burns.. the list goes on) but I use it mainly as a facial toner!


Rice Face Mask – My favorite for tired skin, I always put one of these on Sunday nights to refresh before the week ahead! It’s super hydrating and evens out my skin tone!


For Body


Vitamin E Cream – Amazing for sunburns or for just ultra soft skin!


Shea Body Whip – My all time favorite body moisturizer, this stuff seriously makes your skin soo hydrated and soft. I love applying it before bed and waking up to super silky skin!


St Tropez Express – Definitely the best self tanner I’ve ever used! I have a full post dedicated to my self tan routine, if your interested in knowing more!


For Hair


Pantene 3 Minute Miracle  – I use this stuff as a regular conditioner after shampooing  and it makes my hair feel & smell sooo good.


Aveda Smoothing Oil –  A little goes a long way… each bottle I’ve had lasts years! I love putting this oil on the ends of my hair before I blow dry to help combat frizz and prevent heat damage.




Elf Translucent Powder  – I use this for ‘baking’ my makeup and it works really well for locking my concealer in place even on super humid and hot days. I always pack it onto the bridge of my nose to protect from those annoying sunglasses marks!


Maybelline Dream Smooth Foundation – This is probably the product that I’ve used the longest.. I’m pretty sure I’ve been using it since Grade 9! I love the coverage and as long as you set it with a good powder it will last all day!


Maybelline ‘Chai Latte’ Quad – The best drug store neutral eye shadow quad, in my opinion! The colour payoff is great and it doesn’t fade throughout the day.


Thanks for stopping by!









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