The Sweetest Sleepwear!


Happy Wednesday Guys!

Today I wanted to share some cute sleepwear sets with you, because I not only style my day-to-day outfits but I also like to feel put together in my sleepwear (….please tell me I’m not the only one who does this!?). As I was doing a little shopping yesterday I saw some cute sleepwear in stores that I’ve now got my eye on! Check out my picks below!

The Perfect Summer Sleep Set!


‘Coffee’ Tee / Polk-A-Dot Shorts / Off White Throw On Sale! / MugGrey Knee High Socks /

This is the perfect set for summer sleeping! The materials are super soft, breathable and light for those hot nights when you cant seem to cool down. I’m a huge slipper/sock person so I added these knee high socks into the mix, definitely not necessary now but in a few weeks when the weather cools down these will be perfect (or if your house is always freezing, like mine, you can wear them now haha!).


The Perfect Autumn Sleep Set!


Grey Shorts / Matching Grey SweaterFaux Fur Throw / Marbled Mug On Sale! / Off White Knee High Socks /

Okay, this set is by far my favorite out of everything I’ve seen in stores lately! I love that its made from super soft sweater material so it’ll be perfect moving into fall. It gives you that cozy feel without being too hot to sleep in which I love! The socks are super cute paired with it too and they will help add a little warmth to your legs since they’re knee high. The socks can be worn with sleepwear but also double as boot socks for your fall riding boots too, so they are definitely a must have!


…Can you tell my fall obsession is becoming really hard to hide these days? I’ve been trying really hard not to talk about it too much because everyone tells me it’s still ‘too early’ but we are only two weeks away from September people!!  TheBlondeCloset will be going full-blown fall really soon, so I hope you guys are as excited as I am for pumpkin spice everything!

Thanks so much for stopping by!





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