The Old Navy Blanket Scarves You Need This Fall!



Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Today I’m sharing with you my secret to affordable blanket scarves for the fall. Blanket scarves have been a huge trend for the past few years (especially the Zara ones) but buying the latest and greatest every year can get expensive. Typically blanket scarves range in price from $30-$85 and most are made out of the same 100% Acrylic material anyway… so why pay more when you can pay less!?

Last fall I picked up a blanket scarf from Old Navy on sale for $13 and got a ton of wear out of it, I was really impressed that the quality was comparable to all my Zara scarves! So this year I decided to go back and pick up some more before they sell out! I was pleasantly surprised by the variety they have this year so I ended up buying 3 different colours/patterns for only $17 each. The trick to Old Navy is to sign up for their e-mails so you get notified of their sales. They have 30/40% off your purchase every few weeks so you can get blanket scarves on sale and clothing too!

Okay lets jump into the good part, Here’s how I styled the 3 scarves I just bought:

Outfit One


Scarf / Shirt / Similar Skirt / Bag (Banana Republic – available in select stores) / Similar Booties /

I love the red tones in this scarf because it’ll be perfect all through fall and the winter holidays. I can also picture this scarf layered on top of a cream oversize sweater, with black leggings and riding boots for when the weather gets colder!

Outfit Two


Scarf / Similar Jacket / Similar Dress / Similar Sunnies / Similar Bag /

Leopard print is a necessity in the fall as far as I’m concerned, I wear it all the time because it goes with everything! This scarf is also the perfect weight for wearing to work, or to an indoor party because its not thick flannel like the other ones I bought. There’s a lot of material to it because its still a ‘blanket scarf’ but the material is nice and light.

Outfit Three


Scarf / Similar Top / Similar Skirt / Similar Hat / Socks / Similar Riding Boots /

The colour of this scarf is perfect if you wear a lot of colour in your wardrobe already because it will go with anything! But at the same time the off-white would pop so nicely in the winter with an all black and white outfit as well, I can picture it styled with a white tank, black leather jacket, and black high waisted jeans.

Blanket scarves are perfect if you need a little wardrobe refresher for the new season! They are an inexpensive way to amp up even the most basic jeans and tee, that’s why I love them so much and wear them almost every day in the cooler months… and the fact that they make you feel super cozy is just an added bonus!

Thanks so much for reading!


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