Affordable Fall Footwear!

Hi Guys!

Now that the first day of fall is less then a week away (!!) I wanted to share my top picks for affordable fall footwear in all the popular colours and styles for this year!

/  Booties / Ankle Boot / Knee High Boots /

Booties / Ankle Boot / Knee High Boot /

Booties / Ankle Boot / Knee High Boot /

I’ve always liked booties and ankle boots but up until last year I didn’t wear them a whole lot because I didn’t realize how versatile they are. If you’ve got a bootie with a bit of a heel they are so easy to wear with everything! They look great with skinny pants tucked in or even flared denim over top, they are great with skirts, dresses, and even shorts in late August when  you’re transitioning your wardrobe!

Over-the-knee and knee high boots are another one of my favorites but they only work with skinny jeans/legging style pants, and skirts/dresses if worn the right way. I love the way tall boots dress up leggings enough that I can throw a comfy tunic top on with a scarf and look perfectly put together while out with friends(and its actually the most comfortable outfit ever!). I always buy over-the-knee boots with a flat bottom because I think they look a little more classy then the high heeled style, and a lot more comfortable too!

Thanks for stopping by,

Have a wonderful weekend ❤


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