How I’m Getting In The Christmas Spirit!

Hi guys!

Today I wanted to get all festive on the blog and share with you how im getting excited for the holidays! My ‘Getting ready for Fall‘ post went over really well so I figured I would lay this post out in kind of the same way. So lets jump right into it!

Fill the air with holiday cheer!

The first thing I always do is pick up some festive holiday candles so my room smells like Christmas. My all-time favorite is Winter Candy Apple, but I discovered Twisted Peppermint this year and absolutely love that one too!

img_5493Winter Candy Apply Candle / Glass Candle Pillar

Fill my belly with holiday treats!

I love baking all year round but nothing beats fall/winter baking in the cooler weather. Its so therapeutic baking up a storm inside when snow is falling outside! Every year my sister and I make our favorite holiday rice crispy treats, but they never last more then two days before we’ve eaten the whole batch (oops…haha!).

My mom has always baked up a huge batch of sugar cookies right before Christmas and then my sister, mom and I spend all night decorating them. We bring cookie platters with us to holiday parties and they are always a favorite. It’s a tradition we have done since I can remember and I look forward to it every year. This year I think I’m going to put the recipe and the platter ideas up on my blog, so keep an eye out for that post in the coming weeks!


Spending time with family, doing traditional Christmas activities!

Whether it be curling up by the fire watching Christmas movies together, baking our favorite treats, or building a ginger bread village, this year we are making a conscious effort to spend family time together every week to do a Christmas-based activity.

Listening to Christmas Music!

Before work or in the car I love putting on some Christmas music to get me in the spirit before braving the mall parking lot (#retailworkerproblems) and the hectic stores during December. I find it gives me a little bit more patience and lightens my mood before I start my shift at work, or work on my Christmas shopping.

*My favorite playlist right now is Spotify’s ‘CHRISTMAS MUSIC’ ! Also, for anyone that has Cogeco digital cable I’ve been listening to the ‘holiday favorites’ channel #342 a lot and love it!img_5498

Festive Decorating!

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, this one probably comes as no surprise to you. I looooovvee decorating for every occasion but Christmas is by far my favorite! I love how everything feels so cozy after it’s decorated for Christmas, with the sparkle off the ornaments, and the twinkle from my fairy lights, It just brings me so much joy!

Have nights-in watching holiday movies!

Every night after work in the month of December I love climbing into bed with a cup of tea and watching a Christmas movie before bed.

My top 5 favorites are:

  • Elf
  • Love Actually
  • The Holiday
  • Operation Christmas
  • Christmas Incorporated


Do you have any holiday traditions you start doing come December!? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks so much for stopping by!





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