The Girly Girl Gift Guide!


 Plush robe / #Girlboss book  / Starbucks tumblerReading socks /  Rose gold candle / MK bag / Iphone power bank / Iphone charging cordGold swell bottle / Eye shadow Pallet /

Happy Friday everyone!!

Christmas is right around the corner so I figured now is a good time to share a holiday gift guide with you, for that girly girl on your list. I am personally obsessed with everything on this list and want to buy it all, so it’s definitely girly girl approved (haha!).

Plush robe

A nice soft robe is a great gift for anyone on your list, especially that girly girl who loves taking hot baths (or really long showers) and putting on something super comfortable after! Its a great alternative to Pj’s since they are usually one size fits most, and if you find one that’s not, it’s a lot easier to guess a size in a robe because it doesn’t have to be exact!

#Girlboss book

I have heard nothing but good things about this book, I haven’t read it myself so I cant go too into detail but It’s about the creator of the online clothing retailer ‘NastyGal’ and her experiences from started her brand from the ground up! I’ve heard its very motivating and inspiring, I’ve added it to my own Christmas list too!

Starbucks tumbler 

Who doesnt love a Starbucks tumbler!? and this one has polar bears on it, LOVE!

Reading socks

These are the absolute best alternative to a slipper! I personally don’t wear slippers very often because I find they slide around on my feet when I’m walking or they fall off when I’m laying on my bed and have my feet up. But these reading socks are like normal thick socks but have a super soft faux Sherpa lining inside! They end up back on my Christmas list every year because I’m so obsessed.

Rose-gold candle 

For starters candles are great all year round but this one is so gorgeous I couldn’t not add it to this list! I can also see it being the cutest jewelry/ring holder when you’ve finished with the candle too, it’s like two gifts in one!

Micheal Kors cross-body bag

Every girl needs the perfect mid-sized cross body bag for when shes off to the mall or out to dinner. I’m a major tote bag lover but for me, my bag just gets in the way when I’m out for the day shopping. It gets heavy on my arm and its hard to navigate through tight spaces (especially with a big winter jacket on too!). Which is why this bag is perfect for those days, she can throw in her wallet, keys, phone, and any other little things she might need and shes good to go!

Iphone power bank

This one is great for the girly girl who is always on her phone. For me, my phone usually starts losing power at the least opportune times! Which means everyday before I leave the house I have to remember to bring my one and only charging cord out with me and find an outlet to charge my phone when its dying. But with this she can have her own back up battery power in her purse where ever she goes! AND you can get one to match whatever colour Iphone she has – girly girls love to match! ❤

Iphone charging cord

I put this one in here as an extension to the power bank. A special charging cord that can stay in her purse with the power bank would be ideal so she doesn’t have to remember to bring her one from home all the time!

Gold Swell bottle 

These are the best for keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold, and come in a ton of colours and patterns!!

Urban Decay eye shadow pallet – Naked 3

Depending of what shades of eye shadow she usually wears, Urban Decay will have a pallet for her! I have been coveting the Naked 3 pallet for years because I wear a lot of gold tones, but if shes more of a neutral girl the Naked or Naked 2 pallets are great as well!


Thanks so much for stopping by & I hope you have an amazing weekend!


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