Making Plans For 2017!


Happy New Year Everyone!!

I’m always interested to hear what everyone’s resolutions are for 2017! For me, I’m determined to make 2017 one of the best years yet! Which means I want to make my blog more of a priority and step it up another level. I just received my new camera in the mail a few weeks ago and I want to start adding video vlogs/tutorials into my usual posting schedule, would this be something you guys are interested in seeing? I’m thinking of adding more ‘outfit of the day’ posts as well and getting back into my Monday, Wednesday, Friday posting routine. If you have any other suggestions or requests for blog posts or things you’d like to see, I’d love to hear them!

Anyways I wanted to give you a bit of an update on what I’ve been up to because I haven’t done a ‘talking’ post in a while. So I finished my first online course for social media marketing and I loved it, I found it really interesting and was actually pretty good at it (school was never my thing). So I’m going to try to sign up for another course in fall of this year. As for right now I’m working full time again in retail and trying to balance the whole work/life/blog/fitness thing. Which I’m still getting the hang of, but I want to make sure this year I’m working as hard as I can on my blog because this is what I’m really passionate about.

I’m going to add my twitter feed into my side bar and use that to update you guys on things that I’m working on, announcements, and updates. So follow me there for extra content ❤

I’ll link up all my social accounts below:


Thanks for following my life through 2016, and cheers to another year of learning and growing together!





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