Best Friend Tag!


Happy Friday friends,

I’m spending today with my BFF Rebecca, so we thought it would be fun to do the best friend tag since we’ve known each other for sooooo long. I feel like our answers will be pretty funny and a good insight into what kind of relationship we have. So lets jump right into it!

1.How and when did you meet?

Rebecca: Melissa and I met in grade six. I was eating Dunk-a-roos,and she was eyeing them from the desk across from mine. Sprinkle icing. Her favorite. We’ve been friends ever since.

Melissa: It was the rainbow sprinkle icing that sealed the friendship deal, for sure.

2. What’s your favorite memory together?

Rebecca: In grade six, Melissa and I used to beg our parents to let us get books from the Scholastic book orders. Little did they know, what we actually spent their money on, was NOT books. We plotted to get these weird little spy kits, that gave us access to everything our families were talking about. It came with a sound amplifier, binoculars, and a magnifying glass. We once listened to a full episode of Friends through that thing, while convinced we were hearing some real hot goss.

Melissa: Okay yeah, I looooove those super spy days hahaha but my all time favorite memory was when Rebecca moved back from Arizona after 4 years away, and my dad drove me to pick her up and we spent that whole next week inseparable doing as many fun things as we could because we were so happy she was finally back for good!

3. Describe each other in one word.

Rebecca: Weird-sunshine-apple tree-bundle of joy. Sorry, I had a hard time narrowing that down. That counts as one word, right?

Melissa: Hilarious-bubbly-kind ….one word 😉

4. What’s her dream job?

Rebecca: She’s literally doing it. She wants to be a fashion blogger!  – Thanks for havin’ me, Meliss! (Does this mean I’m famous now? Cause I’ve always wanted to be…).

Melissa: Is being famous a dream job? Because that’s what she wants, haha!

5. What’s her favorite makeup brand?

Rebecca: That’s literally the most impossible question. You guys/gals don’t even know how much make-up this woman has. When I ask her to do my face, (which is often) there’s like 14 different brands on that thing.

Melissa:  She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but she does really like Too-faced!

6. What is something that annoys you about the other person?

Rebecca: She won’t commit to coming to Europe with me this summer. SO annoying.

Melissa: She keeps begging me to come to Europe with her this summer. SO annoying. hahaha

7. If you could go anywhere in the world together, where would it be?


Melissa: okay,okay, Europe would be amazing but I really want to go to HAWAII!

8. Favorite inside joke?

Rebecca: One time, Mel and I planned on watching Harry Potter for like weeks. I couldn’t wait. We made french-fries and were ready for the occasion. We ran downstairs with them and I yell, “time to watch some Harry Potts!” As this is happening, I run face first into the door and knock down the painting on the other side. We literally laugh about it to this day.

Melissa: Yesssss! (insert praise hands emoji x5)

9. Who takes longer to get ready in the morning?

 Rebecca: Melissa takes hours. I use Snapchat filters and pretend I’m just as beautiful.

Melissa: Suuure…. There’s no pretending going on here, shes just naturally beautiful so she doesn’t need to do much.

10. Favorite season?

Rebecca: Mel loves fall more than anything on this earth. She prepares for it the whole summer.

Melissa: Rebecca is a summer lover, she thrives in the heat! Like a lizard in the desert!

11. Favorite song?

Rebecca: Um. I don’t believe she has one, because she loves all of them. Every song is her favorite song, but she loves that new ZAYN & Taylor Swift tune!

Melissa: I feel like we both enjoy new music that comes out, but we don’t necessarily hold onto just one song as our favorite. It changes from month-to-month. But she lovesss Drake, and Chance the Rapper.

12. What is it like being best friends with someone who is obsessed with blogging?

Rebecca: It’s hilarious and awesome at the same time. I’ll be scrollin’ through my Instagram (which is usually full of cute puppies and funny memes) and see cute little Meliss pop up in some classy outfit I dream of having. I laugh and give it a like every time! Her life is cooler than mine.

Melissa: I wouldn’t know hahahaha but if you asked me what it’s like to be best friends with someone who wants to be famous, I’d say its pretty great. (And very entertaining).

13. Heels or flats?

Rebecca: She never wears heels. Us tall people don’t speak that language.

Melissa: What she said! ^^

14. Comedy, horror, or chick-flick?

Rebecca: Comedy. Only because she is seven at heart and will watch the movie ‘Sleepover’ and ‘Halloweentown’ over and over again. And you know what? I’m into it.

Melissa: Rebecca will literally watch anything.

15. What is something weird that she eats?

Rebecca: When we were young, Mel always used to always have these weird sandwiches with chocolate sprinkles and butter on them. I thought it was super weird. Until I tried one. THEY’RE AMAZING, and apparently they’re super Dutch or something which is cool.

Melissa: I specifically remember a time I ate dinner at her house when we were kids, and they had spaghetti squash and I was so weirded out; but looking back on it now spaghetti squash is pretty normal! hahaha

16. You guys have anything matching?

Rebecca: We actually have matching red winter coats, it’s super funny.

Melissa: And matching gold iPhones!


Thanks so much for reading, and have an amazing weekend!




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