Current Makeup Favorites!

Hey Guys,

Today I’m talking makeup, and why I ditched my whole collection and started a fresh beauty routine!

So my whole make-up over haul started when my hands-down-#1-FAVORITE foundation (Maybelline Dream Smooth Mouse) was discontinued, which I’ve been using for what feels like my whole makeup-wearing life! It was more of a thick mousy consistency, and it gave me the most flawless finish with such good coverage. I had tried a bunch of liquid foundations during my time using this foundation (only because I worked in a makeup department at the time and was always tempted to buy the newest products) but never found anything that compared to this Maybelline foundation.

My next step was to go to Sephora to get my Color IQ, which was great because they were able to suggest a variety of different foundations that would match my skin colour. So I brought home a few samples and found one that I loved. The only problem was that my new foundation was so good that it made the rest of my makeup seem like bad quality…so I decided to just go for a fresh start and totally over haul my collection. I’ve compiled all my new favorites down below, in case any of you are looking for some new high quality products to add to your collection!

*I made sure to wait two months before sharing this post so I knew for sure that these products were as good as my first impression and worth the money.

makeupfavs Concealer / Foundation / Beauty Sponge / Translucent Powder (Comparable & less expensive version here) / BronzerEye Shadow PalletCOVERGIRL Mascara / L’oreal Mascara /


I tried a few Sephora concealers but I didn’t find they were any better then this drugstore one I bought, so I ended up sticking with this one. It has great coverage and consistency, not too thick that it cakes up, but just thick enough to actually cover any blemishes or dark circles. It will crease (like every other concealer) a little bit if you don’t set it with some powder, but once you do it looks amazing all day!


This year I’ve noticed my skin is a little more dry then normal so I had a really hard time finding the right foundation because they all made my face look super dry. This one is the holy grail for full coverage, and hydration for a flawless look.

Beauty Sponge

I always used those little triangle sponges that you can get at any drugstore and never understood the whole ‘Beauty Blender’ faze…but boy am I glad I gave it a try because it’s a game changer! I didn’t buy the actual Beauty Blender brand because they are triple the price of this Real Techniques one and I wanted to test the waters with a more affordable option. Its only a matter of time before I invest though, because these things work wonders(insert praise hands emoji).

Translucent Powder

I use this to ‘bake’ my under eye concealer as well as to set my whole face. I love how this powder isn’t stark white so your face doesn’t look powdery like most other translucent powders. The colour is more of a light beige so it blends into your foundation perfectly!


I have really fair skin so I use this product to contour my face. It’s the perfect matte brown, not orangey at all…and smells like milk chocolate, what!?!

Eye Shadow Pallet 

I have literally been coveting this pallet since it came out like 3(?) or so years ago – its been a WHILE. My sister surprised me with it on Christmas and I’ve been using it ever since. I already had a few single eye shadows from the same brand so I’m familiar with Urban Decay quality and it’s amazing to say the least, the colours are rich and don’t fade throughout the day, this pallet is no exception.


I have been using these two mascaras for a little longer then all the other products I’ve mentioned because I love the way they pair together(and the price tag!). I used to use Givenchy mascara and I would say the look I get from layering the Telescopic followed by the Last Blast Fusion is sooo comparable to the Givenchy mascara and half the price!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Would you guys be interested in seeing a makeup tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!


*This post is not sponsored

but may contain some affiliate links.



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