What I’m Loving Lately!

Happy first day of February!

Today I’m talking all my current obsessions, but also just wanted to catch up since I’ve missed a few posts recently. I caught the flu and was stuck in bed for a solid 5 days last week, so I wasn’t able to work on my blog as much as I had liked to, but I did manage to do some behind the scenes work for future posts, which you’ll see soon! I did some online shopping and ordered lots of new spring stuff (!!!) so fingers crossed we get some warmer weather soon so I can show you guys! Anywaaayyss, lets get into todays post…I’ve compiled my favorite trends/pieces down below!

Delicate Choker Necklaces

Delicate gold/silver/rose gold choker necklaces are my top fav right now, I love how feminine they are, with just a subtle shine! I’m obsessed with the Miranda Frye ‘Kingsley‘ necklace (pictured on the right). Its 14K gold so you don’t have to worry about it tarnishing – and you can set it at different lengths for when the choker trend goes out of style. I did find a dupe for it here if your not looking for an investment piece!

Crepe Camisoles  

You can never go wrong with a crepe or silky camisole for layering under everything! This is probably the style of top I purchase the most because I know I’ll get the wear out of them, for work, going out, or even just casually front tucked into jeans. I just picked up two more from Banana Republic, here, they are a really nice thick material and not see-through at all -like some of the other ones on the market!

Bomber Jackets

These are the trendiest jacket right now, and they’re actually comfortable and easy to wear! I love wearing these to work over my favorite cami’s (mentioned above!) for a trendy, but relaxed look. I just bought this one, the lace details are stunning in person! I’ll have to take pictures and share it with you guys before it sells out!

High Waisted Denim

High waisted denim is hands down the most flattering fit for any body type, it sucks you in and smooths everything out…and who doesn’t want that!? I recently ordered Old Navy’s high rise Sculpt  Denim and I really like them! They look and feel like regular jeans but have a ton of stretch which makes them extra comfy and super flattering.

Bell Sleeve Tops & Dresses

I’m surprised I love this trend as much as I do, I thought it looked very ‘hippy’ when the bell sleeve first came back in style. However the longer it stays on trend I’m seeing  more and more beautifully simple pieces that give off a more ‘chic’ vibe rather than ‘hippy’. I just ordered this one to wear in the summer with high waisted denim or skirts!

Suede Sneakers

The Adidas Gazelle shoes are really catching my eye lately. I love the gorgeous pastel colours they released, but also that they’re suede. The suede gives them a really lux vibe and also makes them unique compared to the white Adidas Originals that everyone’s wearing! I know these probably wont stay clean for long, but I think they’re worth it…you’ll see me living in these all summer haha!

Silk Neck-Scarves

I haven’t decided if I’m going to try this neck tie trend out myself but I really love the way it looks on some people! It reminds me of Parisian style and I love everything Paris, so I think this trend might be for me…What do you guys think, should I try it? Let me know in the comments!

That’s about it for my round up of the top trends I’ve been loving, thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you in my Friday post ❤

Have a wonderful rest of the week!

All Images courtesy of Google Images


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