My Favorite Fashion Bloggers! *Friday Feature*

Hurray it’s Friday!

Todays post was originally going to be an outfit post from when Peter and I spent the day in Toronto this past Monday, but I lost my camera cord which means I can’t get the pictures onto my laptop (insert crying emoji)! I’m so confused because I have no idea where it could have gone, my only guess it that I accidentally threw it out when I was sick. I’ll have to go buy a new one this weekend and hopefully have the post up on Monday for you guys!

Instead today’s post is a Friday feature all about my favorite bloggers! I’ve never really shared what blogs I read and am inspired by, so today that’s exactly what I’m going to do. My favorite type of blogs to read are the same niche as my own, of course. So they’re all women’s Fashion and Lifestyle blogs. With the kind of writing style I connect with the most, bubbly and fun, almost like your best friend is talking to you when your reading through the posts.

I have two absolute favorite blogger crushes and they are  ‘Southern Curls and Pearls‘ (Caitlyn Covington) and ‘The Sweetest Thing‘ (Emily Ann Gemma) These girls are the cutest, and are actually blogger BFF’s in real life, which is so nice to see. Their outfit posts are actually things you’ll want to wear and most are all pieces from Nordstrom or Zara which is totally attainable for the everyday woman. Their blogs are bright and girly and not just strictly fashion either, they share beauty tricks, travel reviews, fitness tips, recipes and more… I get so inspired by these two and I hope you guys check them out, because I know you’ll love them just as much as I do!  …and did I mention they both are #hairgoals (seriously though!)


 Photo courtesy of Southern Curls and Peals blog  




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