Black Check OOTD!


Jacket / Shirt / Scarf / Jeans / Boots / Bag / Watch / Similar Sunglasses /

Good Morning guys!

I finally got my hands on a camera cord, so I’m back to my usual outfits post this week! This is the outfit I wore in Toronto last week, Peter and I went for lunch and to a museum for the afternoon. It was a chilly day so this over-sized scarf was the perfect piece for staying warm and toasty in the city. I know I talk about the Old Navy Rockstar jeans a lot on here but I just ordered the ‘sculpt’ denim ones and am even more obsessed! They are super flattering and hold their shape all throughout the day, which I loveee! Its one of my biggest pet peeves when denim stretches out during the day and I have to pull them up constantly because they’ve lost their shape, these jeans never do that. They’re only $50(!!) …plus they always go on sale for 30% off, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to try them out. Anyways -I’m off to take some outfit pictures with Peter because hes going away for a week and I need to make sure I’ve got content for you guys while hes gone.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!



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