My Favorite Camo Tee!


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Happy Wednesday everyone!

Peter is finally home ❤ and we were able to get out yesterday to take some pictures for the blog. However, the wind was insane… so my hair is a bit of a mess(LOL!). Anyways I have to share with you my new favorite tee from American Eagle. I`ve been looking for the perfect camo tee for a few months now and I finally found it! I wanted a vee neck, with a lighter more muted camo pattern, rather then those really dark ones, and this one fits the bill! I sized up to a medium so it was a little over sized and I could tie it in a knot on the bottom. I originally planned on wearing it with high waisted jean shorts in the summer, but I got too excited and had to wear it now hahah!

On another note, is anyone else watching Riverdale on Netflix!? You guys, I`m obsessed! It reminds me so much of Pretty Little Liars with the whole high school-drama-mystery theme. I can hardly wait for Friday when the 5th episode gets released! If your watching it too, let me know in the comments, I need friends to talk about it with!

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