Deep V Lace Up Top!


Top / Jeans / Bag / Necklace / Earrings / Similar Flats / Similar Sunglasses /

Good Morning everyone!

Leave it to the wind to mess up my hair again (Lol!), I really need to make more of an effort to wear hats or something on windy days! Anyways… I wore this outfit on a little date night with peter last week and it was perfect for what we had panned. We went out for Thai food to one of our favorite spots in the next town over, and did a little window shopping down their main street while we were there. If any of you watch the show `The Good Witch` starring Catherine Bell, the main street is actually the one they film scenes on regularly(which I thought was pretty cool!). The weather was surprisingly warm which was a nice change from our usual below zero winter days, so the long sleeves and jeans were just right for the temps! I just bought this shirt last week and have already worn it 3 times because its cute and trendy without sacrificing comfort.. this thing is so comfy. The lace up detailing makes a statement, but I think its the colour that I love the most. I`ve never owned anything in this shade of blush/mauve but I think I need to invest in more pieces now hahah!

I hope everyone has a great Monday,

Thanks for stopping by!


9 thoughts on “Deep V Lace Up Top!

    1. Honestly I live in white jeans once the temps warm up and I just wear them like normal jeans. They are pretty resistant to dirt, I don’t find they get that dirty! But when they do, I just throw them in the wash with other whites and hot water wash them and then hang to dry and they are good as new 🙂

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      1. Okay cool, thank you for your reply. I just worry if I sat on a bench outside I would end up with a dirty bum 😅, just sit on a cardigan or something I guess. My fav jeans are from Jack Wills, so hopefully they will do white ones in a short leg 😊


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