How I`m Getting Excited For Spring!


Okay, I know what your thinking… its not hard to get excited for spring. But I do a few things that make it extra enjoyable and I thought I would share what they are. Ive made a few of these posts on my blog for past seasons(Fall here, Christmas\Winter here) and figure why not keep it rolling through 2017. Maybe it will be fun to look back on and see how Ive changed(or stayed the same) from the year before.

Spring Cleaning (Room & Car)

Im usually OCD about things being clean and organized all the time but I find winter makes me lazy, and all I want to do after a long day is crawl into bed and watch Netflix. But the minute it starts to get warm out, I turn crazy OCD again and havvee to do a full clean of my room and car. I love the feeling of everything looking, feeling, and smelling fresh, from the moment I wake up, to my drive to work and back. Which leads me to my next point….

New Bath & Body Works Candles & Car Scentables

This one probably comes as no surprise; but every season I make a trip to BABW for new scents because I am a very …how do I even word this?…I like smells!. Every spring and summer I crave the smell of coconut and/or peaches, so I always lean towards BABW Peach Bellini, Georgian Peach, and Tiki Beach candles and car scents!

Fresh Blooms



Nothing brightens up a room like fresh spring flowers, I love tulips, daffodils, and pink roses this time of year. The pop of colour really catches your eye and the smells are just magical!

Updating My Wardrobe

I do this every season (#shopaholic) but I get extra excited when spring fashion rolls around because after a winter of being bundled up and layered under heavy coats and sweaters, there is really nothing better then shopping for light delicate pieces to start incorporating into your wardrobe. Im already itching for the day I can leave my heavy jacket at home for good!

Listening to County Music

There is seriously nothing better then a warm sunny day spent driving around with the windows down, blasting country music… enough said.

Changing My IPhone Background and Case

Since I’m a very seasonal girl(LOL!), I usually switch up my Iphone background to some sort of floral, and throw on a summery phone case. Right now Im actually on the hunt for a new summery phone case and am having trouble finding anything I like. So if you know any good sites for cute cases leave them in the comments below and I will love you forever! ❤

Fresh Lipstick Huescovergirl-katy-perry-katy-kat-matte-lipstick-11

Pinks, Corals, and Roses- I love a bright, fresh lip in the spring! I just picked up a few more Katy Perry for Covergirl lipsticks and love them…I bought Pink Paws, Coral Cat and Sphynx.


Thanks so much for stopping by,

What are you most excited about for Spring!? Let me know in the comments


*All photos courtesy of Google Images 



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