Blue Hues OOTD!

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Shirt / Jean Jacket (50% off!!) / White Jeans / Bag / Similar Sunglasses / Shoes (in Blush) /

Happy Monday Friends,

This is a true #OOTD because Peter and I literally just took these pictures a couple hours ago haha! I had the weekend off so we were planning on getting tons of blog pictures done on Saturday and Sunday but it ended up being -14 both days. Which kind of put a damper on our plans, since no one can wear cute spring outfits in -14 degree weather hahah! Anyway – today is a gorgeous 8 degrees so it was actually bearable to be outside in this outfit. I’ve always been a sucker for anything white and blue striped, so this shirt from Banana Republic is right up my alley. I tied it up in the front but its actually more of a tunic length top if you leave it down. I love it because its a super versatile piece, I’m wearing it today casually but its perfect for work on its own, or even layered under sweaters for a preppier look.

You guys… I ordered a new bag from Michael Kors over the weekend, and it should be here on Wednesday, I’m so excited! This thing was sooo hard to track down, since its apparently sold out everywhere in Canada, with the exception of one store in Alberta (which is 3 provinces away from me). I can’t wait to show you guys which one it is! Any guesses?

Thanks for stopping by,


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