Fleurs De Villes Event Recap + A Cute Mothers Day Idea!


Hurray it’s Friday!

I hope everyone had a good week, mine was very productive which is always a good feeling going into the weekend! I mentioned in Wednesday’s post that I attended the VIP Fleurs De Villes event at Mapleview Centre on Tuesday night and had an amazing time, so today I’m giving you guys a little preview of what I got to see, and also sharing a really cute mothers day idea for anyone in the GTA(Greater Toronto Area).

A little background of what Fleurs De Villes is: Fleurs De Villes creates bespoke flower events across Canada and right now they are stopped in Burlington, Ontario to showcase amazing local talent. They have rounded up Burlington’s most creative florists to create stunning outfits made solely of flowers. Because they showcase local talent from each city they stop in, the gallery of floral mannequins is always changing, making for a fresh event in each new city!



Each mannequin is inspired by something – a clothing designer, an event or even a cause, the mannequin above was inspired by Breast Cancer Awareness. This one was one of my favorites, the attention to detail is amazing, and the back was just as gorgeous!


There are 15 mannequins to see at the event but I don’t want to give away what all of them look like because you should go check them out for yourself! If your not in the GTA but your in Canada, look out for an upcoming Fleus De Villes event near you.

The cutest mothers day excursion you can do with your mom tomorrow… Most moms like flowers right? Well the Fleurs De Villes event is opening up a popup flower market in Mapleview Center tomorrow, Saturday May 13th from 10-5. So take your moms through a tour of the mannequins, (starting at the Shoppers Drug Mart entrance of the mall) snap pictures, read about the inspiration behind each one, and make sure you vote for your favorite one, there’s an exclusive prize up for grabs!! And once you’ve done all that, make your way up to the flower market (2nd floor, in front of the elevator) and treat her to the flowers of her choice. It makes for a easy way to show your mom how much you care, and its fun for the both of you! 🙂

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there, I hope you get spoiled by your family this weekend ❤

Thanks for stopping by!








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