May Favorites!

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Happy Friday everyone, I’m doing something a little different for my Favorites post this month and sharing a few of my favorite summer trends instead of my usual Makeup picks. My makeup routine has stayed the same through May so I don’t have much to share and thought this would be a good time to add something new into the mix!



ONYX Professional Nail Dryer – here (On SALE for $2!!) 

This stuff is a game changer and definitely my favorite out of all my picks this month! If you’re prone to smudged nail polish because you cant sit still for long enough for it to dry, your not alone! Waiting for nail polish to dry/smudged polish is probably my biggest pet peeve, so you can imagine my excitement after finally finding a product that prevents this. Its a aerosol spray that smells like coconut and dries your polish 10x faster then letting them air dry, and its only $8! I tested it out myself and had a perfect mani with only 1 minute of dry time…life changer!

The Body Shop Youth Facial Peel – here 

I kept seeing this product all over Instagram so I had to give it a try for myself. Its a gel-like liquid that you apply to your face in circular motions, and you can start to see the dead skin cells peel off instantly. My verdict: It’s amazing! My face feels sooo soft and clean after each use.

Dove Advanced Care Coconut Deodorant – here 

Okay I know this is pretty random to add to my favorites but I switched over to this deodorant for the summer because it smells like coconut and works sooooo well. With summer around the corner I love everything coconut and moisturizing, and this deodorant is the best of both worlds while keeping me dry at the same time!


One Shoulder

I’ve been loving the one shoulder trend just as much as my favorite off-the-shoulder trend. I think it’s the perfect mix of sexy and practical because the one strap keeps the shirt in place so you don’t have to keep pulling it up or adjusting, but it still has the sexy bare shoulder and exposed collar bone on the other side. Making this the perfect summer trend!

Lace Up

You guys know I’ve been loving this trend for a while, and the month of May has been no different. I love pieces that have interest to them but are still comfortable, so this trend is perfect since most ‘lace up’ tops are just normal cotton tees or tanks with the lace details added in.


Yellow is big for summer this year so I’ve been stocking up my closet in preparation. I always used to love wearing yellow as a kid and I’m so happy its come back in style for the summer. Not that it was ever ‘out of style’ but yellow just hasn’t been the ‘it’ colour in a while so its been hard to find in stores, until now!


Currently Burning – Georgia Peach Bath & Body Works Candle – here

I’ve been burning my Bath&BodyWorks Georgia Peach candle all month! It’s the perfect spring and summer scent for your house and car, I have the car scents too and get compliments on how good my car smells all the time!

Greenery (instead of flowers)

I love how tropical this looks in a vase without adding flowers, and they stay alive for months! Its the perfect alternative to buying fresh flowers and much less expensive. Each leaf usually costs around .99 cents and you only need a couple for an arrangement.

The Bachelorette

Who else is watching this season? I love Rachel and she seems to have a pretty great group of guys this season! Peter is my favourite so far…but I might be name biased haha!


On another note: I’m starting to feel a lot better! So Peter and I are planning a blog shoot tomorrow morning, which means more OOTD posts coming soon! Also its National Doughnut day so I’m going for a doughnut and iced lemonade run after I publish this post! Follow me on Instagram for updates on what I get up to this weekend 🙂 links are in the side bar!

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How To Acheive A Beachy *Glow* This Summer!


…and I’m not just talking about being tan! I have discovered some holy grail highlighters, body shimmers, and oils that give you the BEST summer glow, and I’m going to share them with you ladies in today’s post – but first I need to apologize for going MIA on you guys for the past week! I got the flu for the THIRD(!!!!) time this year and was in bed all last week. This week my flu symptoms have subsided but I think its turned into strep throat, or something throat and thonsil related. I havn’t been able to stop coughing in like 4 days, it’s so bad at night it keeps me up. But I’m going to the clinic today to get it checked out, so hopefully no more missed posts because of it.

Okay anyways – lets get into the good stuff….

Here are my tried and true products for achieving a gorgeous beachy glow without the sun!

A Good Exfoliatiant


I’ve been loving these two lately (here and here) from Bath&BodyWorks. They smell like summer and do a really great job of scrubbing off any dry dead skin to reveal the soft healthy skin underneath. By exfoliating, you are setting your skin up for success when applying a self tanner, or moisturizer afterwards, it lets your products penetrate into the skin for better results all around!

A Base Tan


A base tan is the key to a beachy look, try applying a layer of faux tan to achieve the sun kissed look in only a few hours! I rave about this one all the time so I’ll keep it short today, if you want more details you can check either of these posts here & here.

Highlighting Primer 

loreal illiminator

I’m obsessed with this highlighting primer, and it’s affordable too! I apply it after my moisturizer and then apply my concealer and foundation over top, it makes for a very subtle and natural glow once your makeup is finished. *It can even be used over your foundation as a highlighter, however I prefere a powder highlighter over top of makeup.

Cheek & Brow Bone Highlighter


This pallet is the best $25 I ever spent, hands down! I love that this pallet has like ever highlight and eyeshadow shade a girl could need for summer. It’s so beautifully made and packaged too, I’m honestly obsessed! If you buy one thing from this post I would have to say this one would give you the most bang for your buck!

Collar Bone Shimmer


I received a few samples of this shimmer from Sephora and you guys…its sooooo good! A lot of people have been using it as a primer for under their foundation and are loving it, but its kind of expensive to use it for just that, so I have been applying it to my collar bone and chest area and its sooooo pretty. Its not an obnoxious shimmer at all, its just the right amount to make you look like your glowing!

If your looking for a less expensive alternative I’ve been using this one alot too and loving it aswell!

Dry Oil For Legs


Nothing screams summer to me like cut-off shorts and smooth shaved legs! I love applying a dry oil onto the front of my legs to keep them smooth and hydrated but also to give them a silky shine. My all time favourite is no longer being sold but I found a close second here.

And voila- You can go all-out and apply all these products for the ultimate beachy look, or pick and choose from a few of your favorite!

Thanks so much for stopping by

April Favorites!


False Lashes / Rose Mask / MAC Lipstick / Keyboard CaseWaikiki Candle / Roses / OTS Top / Crossbody Bag / Soft Shorts


Kiss Lashes – in style ‘Shy’

I don’t wear false lashes daily but I am one to break them out for a special occasion or a photo shoot. I love the way they add definition to my eyes without having to fuss with liquid eyeliner or layers and layers of mascara. This brand/style in particular feels super light weight and flexible on my lash line (no stiffness here!) and looks whispy and natural once applied, they are perfect!

The Body Shop – Rose face mask

This mask is my newest obsession, I have been applying it almost nightly before bed. You can actually see the rose petals in the mask which is really cool and it has skin plumping properties that make your skin soft, smooth and energized.

How I’ve been using it:

  • About an hour before bed I’ll wash my makeup off and apply this mask to my clean damp skin
  • After about 30 minutes I’ll take a clean face cloth and wet it with warm/hot water, and then slowly wipe the mask off my face
  • Once my mask has been removed I splash my face with cold water (to close the pores) and then tone and moisturize my face as usual before bed

Then I wake up looking and feeling super refreshed. I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on my skin since I added this into my routine!

MAC Lipstick – in shade ‘Please Me’

I’m sure you guys have noticed by now that I’ve been wearing this shade in almost every outfit post for the month of April…Ooops! I bought it recently and quickly found out it’s the perfect everyday pinky/rose shade.

Ipad Pro Keyboard Case 

You. Guys. If you have an IPad Pro this keyboard case is a game changer, it literally turns your IPad into a mini computer! First of all its super affordable, very high quality for the price and it soooo cute! They have every shade of case to match every colour so you can get one that matches (No black Apple keyboards for us!) I have gotten soooo many questions/compliments on this thing. I’m actually using it right now, as I write this post from a hockey arena (Peter’s playing!). It makes working on the go so much easier – and lighter. No more carriying my heavy laptop around to do work while I’m out, having a mini IPad laptop is honestly so perfect!

Bath & Body Works Candle – in scent ‘Waikiki Beach Coconut’

The definition of summer in candle form…not even exadurating, you have to smell it for yourself! I have the candle on my bed side table and I haven’t even lit it yet but it still smells up my room just enough.

Yellow Roses 

Who doesn’t love roses? I feel like I’m always obsessed with roses but now that its warmer out I’m loving yellow roses, they brighten up my room and stay looking fresh for much longer then my old go-to, tulips.

 Off The Shoulder Tops

My Fashion picks should come as no surprise since they are things I’ve been wearing non-stop on the blog this past month. Off the shoulder tops are all I’m buying right now, I actually have a problem haha! I just love how flattering they are and how they look good on every body type. It’s a very feminine meets sexy kind of look, I love it.

Crossbody Bags

Now that I’m not lugging around a hat, scarf and mitts, I’m loving my cross body bags again. They’re the perfect size to carry the essentials while I’m out and about. Runnning errands or shopping trips arnt as fun when I’m carrying around a heavy tote bag.

Banana Republic Soft Shorts 

Okay I don’t think ‘soft shorts’ is the official name for these shorts, but I call them that because they’re super comfortable and soft. I buy this style of shorts every year from BR because they can be easily dressed up, but also cuffed at the seam and worn casual to a BBQ. It’s the most versatile short I own, hands down!


Thanks for much for reading guys!

Sunday it my last day as a full time employee and I’m just itching to get it over with so I can start turning this blog into what I dream for it to be. Thank you so much (again) for all your support. See you in Mondays post ❤


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My Current Hair Care Routine With OMORFIE!


Happy Friday Friends,

Today I’m partnering with OMORFIE to share my updated hair care routine with you guys. I straighten my hair every single day and am always on the lookout for a product that can give me a silky sleek look…which is a lot harder then you would think! My hair is naturally thick, wavy and frizzy, so it takes a good quality straightener to do the job, and the ENA does just that!


OMORFIE is Based in the USA, Australia and soon Greece(which means free worldwide express shipping!) and they have created the ultimate effortlessly chic hair styler called ENA. This straightener has rock solid ONYX Tourmaline plates for controlled heat application and a silky smooth finish. They use 100% eco-friendly packaging and donate a portion of every purchase to the World Wildlife Fund. I am so proud to be an ambassador for a company who does their part in this world, and I’m so excited to be sharing them with you guys today!

My Hair Care Routine

  • After a shower I use a wide tooth comb to get any knots out of my hair before massaging a hair oil into the ends of my hair, this prevents dryness and heat damage.

Tip: avoid the roots of your hair with oils because extra oil just weighs the hair down and makes it look dirty faster.

  •  After that I blow dry my roots and let the ends air dry (if I have time!) to give them a break from the heat. Since doing this, my hair feels much healthier and I have a lot less breakage then in the past.
  • Once my hair is completely dry I section off my hair into layers (starting at the bottom) and begin to straighten layer by layer working my way to the top. My ENA heats up in just seconds and gets my whole head completely straight in 12 minutes – and my hair is thick, so it would be even faster on normal to thin hair!

Tip:  If you are looking to grow your hair long and strong, I have had amazing results from taking Biotin supplements! My hair has become much healthier from adding them into my beauty regimen. (**Just be sure to ask your doctor before adding any supplements into your routine)

OMORFIE was kind enough to give you a discount code for $10 off on their website!

Use code ‘Blond’ at checkout ❤

If you have any questions about OMORFIE, or my hair care routine, feel free to leave a comment below and I’d be happy to answer them for you!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

My Night Time Skin Care Routine!



Hi Everyone,

I’ve been seeing some really great results with my skin care routine lately and thought I would let you guys in on what I’ve been doing! To give you some background info, I’m a side sleeper and have been my whole life. So when I started to see a lot of new under eye creases last year, I knew I needed to intensify my creams lol! I tried a lot of different brands but nothing made as much of a different then my current routine, I’ve been sticking to it for 3 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I wake up and my skins looks and feels so much more smooth, and refreshed.

My First Step:


IMG_4082 (2)

I apply this serum all over my freshly washed face, as the base to my skin care routine. Its a intensive oil so it really penetrates deep into the skin and makes a major difference by morning! I was little weary of using an oil on my face because I thought it would for sure make me break out, but I was completely wrong, if anything this oil clears my skin up!


Step Two:

IMG_4089 (2)

Applying a good under eye cream is a must for maintaining youthful skin. I apply this product under my eyes using my ring fingers – these finger are proven to be the most gentle when touching delicate skin. I noticed a dramatic reduction in under eye creases after only using this product nightly for a week.


Step Three:

IMG_4091 (2)

I like to seal in the serum`s moisture with a good rich overnight moisturizer, like this one from Olay. I apply this all over my face, neck and chest because these are the areas that show aging the fastest.


Step Four:

IMG_4083 (2)

I think this is kind of the forgotten step for most of us, but to me its one of the most important, Lips. I apply this lip serum over my lips to help heal and hydrate them while I`m sleeping. Then I`ll wait a few minutes for it to soak in a apply a quick lip balm over top, I just use a regular Blistex.


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope this post helps!

My End Of Winter Self-Tanning Tricks!

Hey guys,

For today’s post I`m sharing my tips on how to ease your way into bronzed skin as we move into spring. I think most of us are just itching to get away this time of year, I just want to feel the warm rays of the sun on my skin and to finally de-thaw from such a cold winter. But since a tropical vacay isn’t in the cards for me this year(and I`m sure I`m not alone on this) I want to fake the rewards of a gorgeous getaway by applying my favorite fake tanner! By the time February rolls around I`m sick and tired of looking pale and ghostly, I crave having some colour and life back into my skin. Which is why I swear by St.Tropes Gradual Tanning Lotion in light/medium, its the perfect shade that leaves you looking like a healthy glowing version of yourself. I never want to go too dark right off the bat because then I become used to it and once summer hits I`ll will want to go darker, which wont be possible sunless-ly(is that a word?!). Plus going from extremely pale to dark tan is a lot of up-keep and effort during a season where I`ll still be bundled up!

Okay enough chatting and let me show you what routine/products I`ve found to be the best for easing into bronzed skin, that you can start using right now!


St.Tropez Gradual Tan Classic – Light/Medium


I apply this all over my neck, shoulders, chest, torso, arms and hands using the St.Tropez applicator mitt from Feb – April roughly every 2/3 days

**You can totally cover your whole body for an even tan – I just dont because I wear pants for those two months.



St.Tropez Gradual Tan Classic – Medium/Dark


I will completely cover my body in this stuff (minus my face) every 2/3 days from April – June for a deeper tan. I always apply using the applicator mitt, especially for the darker lotion because the lotion will turn your palms a funny color otherwise. I usually start wearing my shorts, skirts, and sandals, at some point from April to June so I like to be tan all over! I always start at my neck and work my way down to my feet.




St.Tropez Self Tan Express Tanning Mousse 


I apply this mousse every 5 days or so, all over my body using the applicator mitt(sparingly on hands, feet and elbows) from June – September. This mousse is the darkest of my tanning products but its great because you can choose the shade of tan you want over the course of a few hours. If you want a nice glow, then shower it off after 1 hour, If you want a medium tan, then shower after 2 hours and if you want a deep tan then shower after 3/4 hours…or you can do what I do and just sleep with it on and shower first thing in the morning!


I always reach for St.Tropez products because I find they give me the most natural looking tan out of all the brands I`ve tried. If they are a little out of your price range, I had been using the new Jergens formula for a few months when I ran out of my St.Tropez, and I was pleasantly much so that I finished a whole bottle and went out and bought another!

Anyways I hope this post helps my fellow pale girls out there,

Thanks for stopping by!

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Current Makeup Favorites!

Hey Guys,

Today I’m talking makeup, and why I ditched my whole collection and started a fresh beauty routine!

So my whole make-up over haul started when my hands-down-#1-FAVORITE foundation (Maybelline Dream Smooth Mouse) was discontinued, which I’ve been using for what feels like my whole makeup-wearing life! It was more of a thick mousy consistency, and it gave me the most flawless finish with such good coverage. I had tried a bunch of liquid foundations during my time using this foundation (only because I worked in a makeup department at the time and was always tempted to buy the newest products) but never found anything that compared to this Maybelline foundation.

My next step was to go to Sephora to get my Color IQ, which was great because they were able to suggest a variety of different foundations that would match my skin colour. So I brought home a few samples and found one that I loved. The only problem was that my new foundation was so good that it made the rest of my makeup seem like bad quality…so I decided to just go for a fresh start and totally over haul my collection. I’ve compiled all my new favorites down below, in case any of you are looking for some new high quality products to add to your collection!

*I made sure to wait two months before sharing this post so I knew for sure that these products were as good as my first impression and worth the money.

makeupfavs Concealer / Foundation / Beauty Sponge / Translucent Powder (Comparable & less expensive version here) / BronzerEye Shadow PalletCOVERGIRL Mascara / L’oreal Mascara /


I tried a few Sephora concealers but I didn’t find they were any better then this drugstore one I bought, so I ended up sticking with this one. It has great coverage and consistency, not too thick that it cakes up, but just thick enough to actually cover any blemishes or dark circles. It will crease (like every other concealer) a little bit if you don’t set it with some powder, but once you do it looks amazing all day!


This year I’ve noticed my skin is a little more dry then normal so I had a really hard time finding the right foundation because they all made my face look super dry. This one is the holy grail for full coverage, and hydration for a flawless look.

Beauty Sponge

I always used those little triangle sponges that you can get at any drugstore and never understood the whole ‘Beauty Blender’ faze…but boy am I glad I gave it a try because it’s a game changer! I didn’t buy the actual Beauty Blender brand because they are triple the price of this Real Techniques one and I wanted to test the waters with a more affordable option. Its only a matter of time before I invest though, because these things work wonders(insert praise hands emoji).

Translucent Powder

I use this to ‘bake’ my under eye concealer as well as to set my whole face. I love how this powder isn’t stark white so your face doesn’t look powdery like most other translucent powders. The colour is more of a light beige so it blends into your foundation perfectly!


I have really fair skin so I use this product to contour my face. It’s the perfect matte brown, not orangey at all…and smells like milk chocolate, what!?!

Eye Shadow Pallet 

I have literally been coveting this pallet since it came out like 3(?) or so years ago – its been a WHILE. My sister surprised me with it on Christmas and I’ve been using it ever since. I already had a few single eye shadows from the same brand so I’m familiar with Urban Decay quality and it’s amazing to say the least, the colours are rich and don’t fade throughout the day, this pallet is no exception.


I have been using these two mascaras for a little longer then all the other products I’ve mentioned because I love the way they pair together(and the price tag!). I used to use Givenchy mascara and I would say the look I get from layering the Telescopic followed by the Last Blast Fusion is sooo comparable to the Givenchy mascara and half the price!


I hope you enjoyed today’s post!

Would you guys be interested in seeing a makeup tutorial? Let me know in the comments below!


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