May Favorites!

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday everyone, I’m doing something a little different for my Favorites post this month and sharing a few of my favorite summer trends instead of my usual Makeup picks. My makeup routine has stayed the same through May so I don’t have much to share and thought this would be a good time to add something new into the mix!



ONYX Professional Nail Dryer – here (On SALE for $2!!) 

This stuff is a game changer and definitely my favorite out of all my picks this month! If you’re prone to smudged nail polish because you cant sit still for long enough for it to dry, your not alone! Waiting for nail polish to dry/smudged polish is probably my biggest pet peeve, so you can imagine my excitement after finally finding a product that prevents this. Its a aerosol spray that smells like coconut and dries your polish 10x faster then letting them air dry, and its only $8! I tested it out myself and had a perfect mani with only 1 minute of dry time…life changer!

The Body Shop Youth Facial Peel – here 

I kept seeing this product all over Instagram so I had to give it a try for myself. Its a gel-like liquid that you apply to your face in circular motions, and you can start to see the dead skin cells peel off instantly. My verdict: It’s amazing! My face feels sooo soft and clean after each use.

Dove Advanced Care Coconut Deodorant – here 

Okay I know this is pretty random to add to my favorites but I switched over to this deodorant for the summer because it smells like coconut and works sooooo well. With summer around the corner I love everything coconut and moisturizing, and this deodorant is the best of both worlds while keeping me dry at the same time!


One Shoulder

I’ve been loving the one shoulder trend just as much as my favorite off-the-shoulder trend. I think it’s the perfect mix of sexy and practical because the one strap keeps the shirt in place so you don’t have to keep pulling it up or adjusting, but it still has the sexy bare shoulder and exposed collar bone on the other side. Making this the perfect summer trend!

Lace Up

You guys know I’ve been loving this trend for a while, and the month of May has been no different. I love pieces that have interest to them but are still comfortable, so this trend is perfect since most ‘lace up’ tops are just normal cotton tees or tanks with the lace details added in.


Yellow is big for summer this year so I’ve been stocking up my closet in preparation. I always used to love wearing yellow as a kid and I’m so happy its come back in style for the summer. Not that it was ever ‘out of style’ but yellow just hasn’t been the ‘it’ colour in a while so its been hard to find in stores, until now!


Currently Burning – Georgia Peach Bath & Body Works Candle – here

I’ve been burning my Bath&BodyWorks Georgia Peach candle all month! It’s the perfect spring and summer scent for your house and car, I have the car scents too and get compliments on how good my car smells all the time!

Greenery (instead of flowers)

I love how tropical this looks in a vase without adding flowers, and they stay alive for months! Its the perfect alternative to buying fresh flowers and much less expensive. Each leaf usually costs around .99 cents and you only need a couple for an arrangement.

The Bachelorette

Who else is watching this season? I love Rachel and she seems to have a pretty great group of guys this season! Peter is my favourite so far…but I might be name biased haha!


On another note: I’m starting to feel a lot better! So Peter and I are planning a blog shoot tomorrow morning, which means more OOTD posts coming soon! Also its National Doughnut day so I’m going for a doughnut and iced lemonade run after I publish this post! Follow me on Instagram for updates on what I get up to this weekend 🙂 links are in the side bar!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!








Desk Organization & Makeup Storage

Hey guys!

As a continuation to my room tour post (here) today I’m sharing my desk details and makeup storage, with tips on how I keep it all organized. I am someone who has to be organized in order to be productive, so I thought sharing some of my tips might help motivate some of you to get organized and to feel empowered by it!

DeskOrganizationMakeupStorage1DSCN2548 (3)

I use my desk for two things;

The first is to do my hair and makeup, so the left side of my desk houses my mirror, brushes, sponges, and Q Tips. As well as a tall chest of drawers beside my desk that holds all my products and hot tools.

And the second is to work on my blog, so the right side of my desk is home to my desk lamp, notebooks, and computer.

A Look Inside My Drawers!

Desk Details1

I use one of the drawers in my desk to keep stationary supplies, I don’t know why but ever since I was a kid ‘back to school’ shopping was always my favorite because I loove stationary supplies. I find I always want to keep things organized when I get excited about whatever it is! So in this case, I made sure to buy lots of colourful supplies so the drawer wasn’t boring.

Tip: Keeping note pads and sticky notes on hand is key for writing down little reminders to yourself. I hate wasting a whole paper on something small, so instead of trying to ‘remember’ (& forgetting) I write it on a sticky!

Tip: I  keep blank greeting cards in my desk encase I need a Thank You, or Birthday Card in a pinch!



In my other desk drawer I keep my agenda and laptop, this is where I charge and store my laptop when it’s not in use. Its nice to keep  it off the desk because it makes my desk feel a lot more spacious while I’m doing my makeup ect.

Tip: If you have exposed drawers in your desk (like I do), run your computer charger cord into the drawer so you don’t have to look at messy cords on your desk!

My Makeup Storage



I bought a caboodle a few years ago and don’t know how I ever lived without it! This thing is amazing for makeup lovers like myself because it can store ALL your makeup in one spot. With all the little shelves to organize your products it makes for easy makeup applications, no more rummaging through makeup bags(Hurray)!

*Caboodles come in a bunch of different sizes, I believe mine is a medium sized one. Available here / or here in black.

Tip: I like to organize each shelf by order of each step I take while applying my makeup; This makes doing my makeup much faster because I know where everything is!

Shelf one – Primers, Foundations and Concealers

Shelf Two – Setting Powders, Bronzer, Blush, Highlighters

Shelf Three – Eye Shadows, and Eyelid Primer

Shelf Four – Eyeliners, Mascara, Eyebrow Pencils and Gels

The bottom area holds my pallets and other makeup that I don’t necessarily use everyday, as well as doubles of products for when I run out of something.

My Chest of Drawers

This piece of furniture is such a life saver, it’s just the right size to hold all my products neatly without taking up a lot of floor space. Which is exactly what I needed because I had a lot to store, and not a lot of floor space!

DSCN2642 (2)

I was concerned that the shallow drawers would make for less storage space because I can’t stack things on top of each other, but I realized not being able to stack things is actually a blessing! By having all my products in a single layer I am now able to see everything and don’t ever forget or ‘misplace’ my things.

Here are a few pictures for reference! 

DSCN2571 (3)
Self Tanning Drawer
DSCN2576 (3)
Hair Products
DSCN2573 (3)
Fragrances for Body & Home

My main trick to staying organized is to have all items for each purpose clustered together in their own separate drawers. For example – in the pictures above you can see I have a drawer strictly for self tanning supplies, a separate drawer for hair products, and a separate drawer for fragrances! This makes it super easy to see what I have and be able to find everything, which is really calming for my OCD haha!


Okay sorry for the long post today, I hope it wasn’t too confusing. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment down below!

Thanks for reading ❤






Room Decor & Tour

Hey Guys!

It’s been requested a few times that I do a room tour post and because I love seeing room tour posts on other blogs myself, I thought it would be fun to do one of my room. As I said in a previous post I did recently re-do my room, it used to be pink on three walls and grey on the fourth wall. I was just getting sick of the colour and wanted something new and fresh, so I decided to go all grey with white accents. My room isn’t 100% finished, I’m still missing something over my bed (…head board? painting? I’m still deciding!) and I still need to mount my bedside shelf beside my bed and my large silver mirror but oh well! I feel like my room will never be 100% perfect, there will always be thing that I want to add or change so if I wait for perfection this post would never get published haha! I hope you guys like the room, I really had to lighten the pictures because the lighting in my room is horrible for pictures.

I am also going to do a ‘room organization’ post as well, I wanted to add it all into this post but it was just wayyy too much content, so I’m going to break it up into two different posts. Be sure to look out for that one in the coming weeks!

DSCN2588 (2)

This is my new work space area, where I work on my blog but also do my hair and makeup!

DSCN2548 (2)DSCN2565 (2)

Having extra makeup sponges and Q-tips on hand is key, but I also think they make cute decor as well!

DSCN2546 (3)

This tall chest-of-drawers houses all my beauty products, its the perfect piece of furniture for keeping me organized, and for keeping my room uncluttered!

The glass hurricane jar on top of the tall drawers is the one from my may favorites! I have another one on my shelf above the desk too, right beside the big white ‘M’. I love the look of them with a candle in it!

DSCN2549 (2)

I have a love for boutiques and my dream is to own my own one day, so I like to decorate my room in a boutique-like style with the racks of clothes and purses and accessories displayed on shelves. That’s where I get a lot of my room decor inspiration from.

DSCN2550 (2)

**Storage hack! -The great thing about displaying your purses out in your room as decor is that they can double as storage! This Rebecca Minkoff bag holds all my bathing suits and cover-ups.

DSCN2551 (2)DSCN2554 (2)

I’m a sucker for pillows and throw blankets if you couldn’t tell ❤

DSCN2564 (2)

DSCN2556 (2)

This rack is home to all my newer clothing items that are going to be published in outfit posts on my blog! So this is a little sneak peak of whats to come!

DSCN2557 (2)

I have so many scarves that I needed to find a creative way to turn them into room decor, so I took all my gray, pink, white, black and beige scarves that go with my room colour scheme and rolled them up and put them in a basket. But then still had more that I needed to find a home for so I stacked a pile of them beside the basket too!

DSCN2559 (2)DSCN2562 (2)

This shelving unit holds all my shoes, I have them all sorted in these pink boxes. You’ll see more in the organization post i’m going to do!

DSCN2581 (3)

**Candle hack! – because I burn my candles so much which gets expensive I try to cut corners as much as possible. I like to add tea lights to the candles on my white candle holders, since they’re up so high on my shelving unit you cant actually see the tops on the candles. So when I burn the tea lights I have the illusion of the large candles burning without the unattractive look of half burnt candles & no need to ever buy new large candles! I just replace the tea lights every time they burn out instead! (I really hope my explanation of this makes sense!)

DSCN2589 (2)

These are my everyday jewelry staples that I keep out on hand for when I’m getting ready and running out the door!

DSCN2560 (2)DSCN2552 (2)

I have quite a lot of jewelry so I had to find creative ways to store some of the larger pieces that take up too much space in my jewelry cabinet, I thought placing them over ceramic vases looked really glam!

DSCN2569 (2)


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and make sure to look out for my ‘Room Organization’ post coming soon!

Thanks so much for reading ❤




Girly Chic Bedroom Inspo!


1.Opal jar Candle (3.oz) – here / 2. Reading Socks – here / 3. Taupe Throw – here / 4. Grey Pillow cover – here /  5. Ceramic Pineapple – here / 6. Pink Candle – here / 7. ‘You’re a whole lot of lovely’ Pink Marbled Mug – here / 8. Opal Jar Candle (9.oz) – here / 9. Ivory Throw – here / 10. Rug – here (under $15!) / 11. Silver Mirror – here / 12. Chair – here  / 13. Pink Pillow cover – here / 14. ‘M’ Wall Letter – here /

Hey friends!

I thought I’d start off the week with a little bedroom inspiration! Personally I find that I am so much more productive in a clean, organized environment, and since I don’t yet have my own house to have an office in, I have to make sure my room does double duty as a work space! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’ve been in the process of painting and redecorating my bedroom, and that’s so I have a more functional and organized desk space, and an area to work in. I had a work space before but it was kind of dark and cluttered, I needed something a little more ‘me‘. I’m planning to do a room tour on my blog when it’s completely finished, but it’s not quite there yet (#PerfectionistProblems hahah).

Anyways- I’m linking all my favorites in girly chic decor under the photo, most of which I bought for my room.. Oops! You may have noticed I linked a couple textured throw blankets, I love these because they make such a difference on your bed, the texture in the throw gives some interest to your boring old comforter. But if you wanna take it to the next level –  try layering multiple throws on your bed(all of different textures), with lots of pillows. I find it gives off a really cozy and luxurious feel, which is a must for a glam bedroom! Lately I’ve had a slight obsession for candles that are so pretty they double as decor pieces, and let me just say; those opal jar candles I linked are everything! These babies are definitely on my shopping list for the next time I go to Indigo.

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to make your room/house/office into a space that really speaks to you!

Thanks so much for reading ❤

Bedroom Organization OCD




Sooo.. I am a little OCD when it comes to my space. These are just a few snaps of my room, that I have re-arranged many times to see what works best and I think I have finally found my happy place! I definitely get my room inspiration from my love of little boutiques, one-off covetable items all displayed so beautifully on shelves and racks. I have always dreamed of owning my own boutique but for now my room will just have to do!