Michael Kors Sloan Bag Review!

Good morning guys!

As promised, today I’m reviewing my new Michael Kors Sloan Bag. The last bag review I did is my most viewed post of all time so I figured why not start making this type of post a regular occurrence when I get a new bag! I purchased the Sloan a few weeks before Christmas so I’ve been carrying it for a little over a month now, with that being said I feel like I have a handle on how the bag carries and what the pros and cons of it are.

Bag Details

  • 100% Lamb Leather
  • Gold-Tone Hardware
  •  11″W X 6.75″H X 3.5″D
  • Adjustable Strap: 12″-20.75″
  • Exterior Details: Back Snap Pocket (runs across the entire back of the bag and is perfect for your phone!)
  • Interior Details: Back Zip Pocket, 4 Front Slit Pockets, Center Zip Compartment


  • I love the look of the bag, it has the essence of a designer bag (think Chanel Boy bag) but at a much more affordable price point
  • The built in organization is amazing, the large pocket across the back is great for your phone and secures with a magnetic button. The inside is divided into two sections by a zippered middle pocket(great for lipsticks) which makes it easy to find everything inside the bag. *I like to use another zippered pouch inside the bag to fit all my other essentials like hand sanitizer, moisturizer, pens, Kleenex, hair brush ect. I do this to make things extra organized but also to protect the bag incase something leaks
  • The size is perfect for all my everyday essentials
  • Its super convient that the chain strap can be a long cross body, or a arm/shoulder bag in the matter of seconds
  • Elevates any outfit


  • The lambs leather is buttery soft and so gorgeous, but its also extremely delicate so if your rough on your bags then I wouldn’t suggest this one. The leather gets damaged easily, I bashed mine against a door frame while walking through it and now the leather in that area is gone(its a very small area but still worth noting). I’m gentle on my bags and don’t tend to carry them for more then 6 months/a year so I’m not too worried about it, but if your investing in this bag and are planning on carrying it daily for years to come then you will have to baby it!
  • I wish it was just a tiny bit bigger, height wise. I like to take my iPad Pro with me when I’m out but I can’t when I carry this bag. Also the extra height would make it so much easier to button when my keys and sunglasses are in my purse on top of everything else, I can make them fit but its a little difficult to button when the bag is packed full.
  • Also when the bag is full and in use its difficult to get the front clasp open to get into to the bag. The bag has to be lifted up(weight taken off it) in order for the clasp to open…I hope this point makes sense, its kind of hard to explain in writing lol!

Bag (available in stores!) / Tech wallet / Floral pouch is old BR – another cute option here / Similar notebook / Perfume /All outfit details in this post /

The Final Verdict

Overall I love this bag, I think its worth the money if your a bag lover like myself and take care of them. Its the perfect grab and go size and fits all my essentials, it compliments any outfit and I don’t have to worry about colour transfer(from my clothing onto the bag) because its black! If your tempted by the blush pink version(like I was) just keep that in mind because with leather this soft the colour transfer is going to be brutal on lighter shades! I love the look of this bag so much I’m actually considering buying the smaller version in red for spring!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I’ll see you Friday 🙂



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