My Top 7 Must-Have Fall Essentials!


1. A Good Exfoliator (for body, face and lips)

Having a few good ecfoliators for your whole body is ideal when the weather cools off. It’s always good to sloff off any dry, dead skin in the shower so your moisturizer can soak in properly!

 My Favorites – Body Exfoliator / Face Exfoliator / Lip Exfoliator

2. A Hydrating Moisturizer (for body, face and lips)

Finding the perfect moisturizers for your skin isn’t always easy but once you do your skin will thank you for it. Getting a good skin care regimen in place now is smart so you can beat the dry skin before it starts.  I always lather up after using my exfoliators in the shower and my skin never feels better!

My Favorites – Body Moisturizer / Face Moisture SerumLip Balm

3. Nail Polish in a Darker Hue

Burgundy, forest green, taupe,and navy are all my favorite nail colours for this time of year! I love the look of a good manicure while I’m sipping on my favorite hot beverage in the cool months.

My current Favorite  –  Revlon Colorstay Gel Enamel (in colour *Queen Of Hearts*)

4. A Warm and Cozy Sweater

Perfect for wearing on days that you want to be super warm and comfortable. You can dress them up for work with a slim dress pant and heels. Or grab your favorite over sized-sweater, with leggings and boot socks for a cozy ‘day off’ look! 

5. A Go-To Hot Drink

Whether it be a pumpkin spice latte, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, everyone has to have a favorite hot drink for sipping on that gives you a warm comforting feeling on a cool day!

6. A Good Pair of Boots  (that go with everything)

Everyone has their preference in style of boot – knee high, mid, ankle, or bootie. So whatever that is- grab a pair in a neutral colour to wear with all your outfits this season. Boots are an instant seasonal outfit refresher, turning even boring jeans and a tee shirt into a cute fall outfit!

My Pick – Tan Boot (I own this pair, and wear them with everything!)

7. Seasonal Accessories

Seasonal accessories have got to be my favorite part about fall fashion! Blanket scarves, boot socks, beanies and mittens, all of the coziest pieces come out of our closets this season and they all have amazing power in adding seasonal flair to any outfit!

My Picks –  Blanket Scarf / Boot Socks /


*All photos courtesy of Google Images*