Fab Finds Under Fifty($)!



1. Soft Shorts / 2. Sunglasses / 3. Choker Set / 4. Marble Case / 5. Body Suit / 6. Blush Sandal


Hey guys!

Today’s post is a little compilation of a few super cute and really affordable summer fashion finds I’ve come across lately! Obviously I’m still on the rose gold/ blush pink wave for the summer, it’s a shade that has always been my favorite to wear but its also really on trend ATM so why not just take full advantage of it!? Its been scorching hot here for the past few days so all I’m thinking about right now is my summer wardrobe, I’m placing my order for these adorable soft shorts as we speak!

I’ve got a ton of errands to run today and on top of that Peter and I have a wedding to go to on Friday but neither of us have anything to wear, so I’ve got make a stop at the mall to pick us up some new things. Wish me luck!

Have a great rest of the week,

and I’ll see you Friday ❤



Grey Lace Tee OOTD!

IMG_5635 (2)IMG_5633 (2)IMG_5661 (2)IMG_5680 (2)IMG_5678 (2)IMG_5682 (2)IMG_5636 (2)IMG_5671 (2)IMG_5632 (2)IMG_5683 (2)

Top (no longer available) Sleeveless Version / Jeans / Shoes (on sale $23!!) / Bag / C/O Watch(same face, different strap!) / Bracelets here, here, and similar hereEarrings /

Good morning everyone!

I wore this lace tee out last week and got tons of compliments and questions about it so I figured it was blog worthy. It’s actually the same top I wore in a post back in February just in a different colour, and its grown to be one of my favorite tops! It’s from a couple seasons ago but I found the newer summer version online and linked it above, they’re basically the same top just the new one is sleeveless. I love them because the lace mixed with the rope detailing makes the top a statement on its own so you can keep the rest of your outfit really simple but still look put together. It was a hot day when I shot this look so I just wore my top with a nude bra but if I’m going out with family or friends I just throw a nude camisole on underneath and I’m good to go!

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May Favorites!

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday everyone, I’m doing something a little different for my Favorites post this month and sharing a few of my favorite summer trends instead of my usual Makeup picks. My makeup routine has stayed the same through May so I don’t have much to share and thought this would be a good time to add something new into the mix!



ONYX Professional Nail Dryer – here (On SALE for $2!!) 

This stuff is a game changer and definitely my favorite out of all my picks this month! If you’re prone to smudged nail polish because you cant sit still for long enough for it to dry, your not alone! Waiting for nail polish to dry/smudged polish is probably my biggest pet peeve, so you can imagine my excitement after finally finding a product that prevents this. Its a aerosol spray that smells like coconut and dries your polish 10x faster then letting them air dry, and its only $8! I tested it out myself and had a perfect mani with only 1 minute of dry time…life changer!

The Body Shop Youth Facial Peel – here 

I kept seeing this product all over Instagram so I had to give it a try for myself. Its a gel-like liquid that you apply to your face in circular motions, and you can start to see the dead skin cells peel off instantly. My verdict: It’s amazing! My face feels sooo soft and clean after each use.

Dove Advanced Care Coconut Deodorant – here 

Okay I know this is pretty random to add to my favorites but I switched over to this deodorant for the summer because it smells like coconut and works sooooo well. With summer around the corner I love everything coconut and moisturizing, and this deodorant is the best of both worlds while keeping me dry at the same time!


One Shoulder

I’ve been loving the one shoulder trend just as much as my favorite off-the-shoulder trend. I think it’s the perfect mix of sexy and practical because the one strap keeps the shirt in place so you don’t have to keep pulling it up or adjusting, but it still has the sexy bare shoulder and exposed collar bone on the other side. Making this the perfect summer trend!

Lace Up

You guys know I’ve been loving this trend for a while, and the month of May has been no different. I love pieces that have interest to them but are still comfortable, so this trend is perfect since most ‘lace up’ tops are just normal cotton tees or tanks with the lace details added in.


Yellow is big for summer this year so I’ve been stocking up my closet in preparation. I always used to love wearing yellow as a kid and I’m so happy its come back in style for the summer. Not that it was ever ‘out of style’ but yellow just hasn’t been the ‘it’ colour in a while so its been hard to find in stores, until now!


Currently Burning – Georgia Peach Bath & Body Works Candle – here

I’ve been burning my Bath&BodyWorks Georgia Peach candle all month! It’s the perfect spring and summer scent for your house and car, I have the car scents too and get compliments on how good my car smells all the time!

Greenery (instead of flowers)

I love how tropical this looks in a vase without adding flowers, and they stay alive for months! Its the perfect alternative to buying fresh flowers and much less expensive. Each leaf usually costs around .99 cents and you only need a couple for an arrangement.

The Bachelorette

Who else is watching this season? I love Rachel and she seems to have a pretty great group of guys this season! Peter is my favourite so far…but I might be name biased haha!


On another note: I’m starting to feel a lot better! So Peter and I are planning a blog shoot tomorrow morning, which means more OOTD posts coming soon! Also its National Doughnut day so I’m going for a doughnut and iced lemonade run after I publish this post! Follow me on Instagram for updates on what I get up to this weekend 🙂 links are in the side bar!

Thanks for stopping by, and have a great weekend!







Blue & White Embroidered OOTD!

IMG_5179 (2)IMG_5222 (3)IMG_5229 (2)

IMG_5291 (2)IMG_5190 (2)IMG_5262 (3)IMG_5219 (2)IMG_5293 (2)IMG_5258 (3)

Top (40% Off!)/ Jacket / Necklace (40% Off!)/ Jeans (Restocked in all sizes!!)/ Bag / Watch / Bracelets herehere and here/ Shoes (in Blush)/

Hey guys,

I hope everyone is having a good Monday, for todays post I’m sharing my Easter outfit from yesterday. I wanted to keep it light and bright for spring so of course I’m wearing my favorite white denim, and on top I wore my new embroidered tank from Express(its SO cute!)! They were running 40% off your purchase all through the weekend so I spent my Saturday shopping up a storm and found some really cute pieces! You’ll see the rest of what I bought in Wednesdays post 🙂 . If your an Express lover like myself, now is the time to snatch up some good deals because the sale ends tonight, and they have the cutest spring/summer collection! Everything is very feminine and girly, it was so hard not to by everything in the store haha.

Alright, I’m off to go catch some rays on this gorgeous Monday afternoon, see you in my Wednesday post!

My Night Time Skin Care Routine!



Hi Everyone,

I’ve been seeing some really great results with my skin care routine lately and thought I would let you guys in on what I’ve been doing! To give you some background info, I’m a side sleeper and have been my whole life. So when I started to see a lot of new under eye creases last year, I knew I needed to intensify my creams lol! I tried a lot of different brands but nothing made as much of a different then my current routine, I’ve been sticking to it for 3 months now and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I wake up and my skins looks and feels so much more smooth, and refreshed.

My First Step:


IMG_4082 (2)

I apply this serum all over my freshly washed face, as the base to my skin care routine. Its a intensive oil so it really penetrates deep into the skin and makes a major difference by morning! I was little weary of using an oil on my face because I thought it would for sure make me break out, but I was completely wrong, if anything this oil clears my skin up!


Step Two:

IMG_4089 (2)

Applying a good under eye cream is a must for maintaining youthful skin. I apply this product under my eyes using my ring fingers – these finger are proven to be the most gentle when touching delicate skin. I noticed a dramatic reduction in under eye creases after only using this product nightly for a week.


Step Three:

IMG_4091 (2)

I like to seal in the serum`s moisture with a good rich overnight moisturizer, like this one from Olay. I apply this all over my face, neck and chest because these are the areas that show aging the fastest.


Step Four:

IMG_4083 (2)

I think this is kind of the forgotten step for most of us, but to me its one of the most important, Lips. I apply this lip serum over my lips to help heal and hydrate them while I`m sleeping. Then I`ll wait a few minutes for it to soak in a apply a quick lip balm over top, I just use a regular Blistex.


Thanks so much for reading, and I hope this post helps!

Black Check OOTD!


Jacket / Shirt / Scarf / Jeans / Boots / Bag / Watch / Similar Sunglasses /

Good Morning guys!

I finally got my hands on a camera cord, so I’m back to my usual outfits post this week! This is the outfit I wore in Toronto last week, Peter and I went for lunch and to a museum for the afternoon. It was a chilly day so this over-sized scarf was the perfect piece for staying warm and toasty in the city. I know I talk about the Old Navy Rockstar jeans a lot on here but I just ordered the ‘sculpt’ denim ones and am even more obsessed! They are super flattering and hold their shape all throughout the day, which I loveee! Its one of my biggest pet peeves when denim stretches out during the day and I have to pull them up constantly because they’ve lost their shape, these jeans never do that. They’re only $50(!!) …plus they always go on sale for 30% off, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to try them out. Anyways -I’m off to take some outfit pictures with Peter because hes going away for a week and I need to make sure I’ve got content for you guys while hes gone.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!


My Favorite Fashion Bloggers! *Friday Feature*

Hurray it’s Friday!

Todays post was originally going to be an outfit post from when Peter and I spent the day in Toronto this past Monday, but I lost my camera cord which means I can’t get the pictures onto my laptop (insert crying emoji)! I’m so confused because I have no idea where it could have gone, my only guess it that I accidentally threw it out when I was sick. I’ll have to go buy a new one this weekend and hopefully have the post up on Monday for you guys!

Instead today’s post is a Friday feature all about my favorite bloggers! I’ve never really shared what blogs I read and am inspired by, so today that’s exactly what I’m going to do. My favorite type of blogs to read are the same niche as my own, of course. So they’re all women’s Fashion and Lifestyle blogs. With the kind of writing style I connect with the most, bubbly and fun, almost like your best friend is talking to you when your reading through the posts.

I have two absolute favorite blogger crushes and they are  ‘Southern Curls and Pearls‘ (Caitlyn Covington) and ‘The Sweetest Thing‘ (Emily Ann Gemma) These girls are the cutest, and are actually blogger BFF’s in real life, which is so nice to see. Their outfit posts are actually things you’ll want to wear and most are all pieces from Nordstrom or Zara which is totally attainable for the everyday woman. Their blogs are bright and girly and not just strictly fashion either, they share beauty tricks, travel reviews, fitness tips, recipes and more… I get so inspired by these two and I hope you guys check them out, because I know you’ll love them just as much as I do!  …and did I mention they both are #hairgoals (seriously though!)


 Photo courtesy of Southern Curls and Peals blog