Staying Cozy This Holiday – with AdoreMe!

Happy Monday everyone!!

With Christmas only 6 days away I wanted to share one of my favorite ways to stay comfy and cozy this holiday season; with sleepwear.

For today’s post I’m teaming up with AdoreMe to feature my #holidayflatlay, which includes my favorite pair of festive PJ’s, slipper socks, and my go-to holiday candle. Canada gets extremely cold this time of year, so I really appreciate a good Pajama set! As soon as I get home after a day of running around I change straight into my cozy Pajama’s to warm up…. and there’s just something about Pajamas that instantly relaxes me once I put them on!


I’m a huge sucker for matching sets – especially around Christmas! I love the idea of waking up on Christmas morning and unwrapping gifts feeling cozy but still put together.


AdoreMe has sooo many cute sleep set options on their site which would make perfect holiday gifts – or just a gift for yourself! Your first set is only $24.99(!!!) with free shipping and returns. They also carry seriously stunning bra and undie sets as well. Its definitely worth a visit to their site if your someone who loves lounge wear like I do, every time I check their site I find more things I want to order…its dangerous!

I’m linking some of my favorite pajama sets off their website down below <3


Cami & Jogger Set / Tee and Shorts Set / Tee and Legging Set/

Check out the AdoreMe Pinterest page for more holiday sleepwear inspiration <3


Oatmeal Knit OOTD!


Similar Sweater / Scarf (Only $17!) / Similar Skirt / Bag (Current Version) / Similar  Boots /

Hey Guys!

..Okay I know I’m always wearing these button up style denim skirts but I just love how versatile they are, especially in the fall. Wearing a sweater and blanket scarf keeps it cozy and comfortable, and on cooler days you can throw on nylons with boot socks and OTK (over the knee) boots! The weather was still pretty mild over the weekend here so I was able to get away with a bare leg but it looks just as cute with higher boots too.

Is anyone else super excited for Halloween this weekend!? Peter and I have a Halloween party every year so I’m on the look out for fun decor ideas on Pinterest. If anyone has any spooky suggestions for me, I’m all ears! Let me know in the comments

Thanks for stopping by <3

Room Decor & Tour

Hey Guys!

It’s been requested a few times that I do a room tour post and because I love seeing room tour posts on other blogs myself, I thought it would be fun to do one of my room. As I said in a previous post I did recently re-do my room, it used to be pink on three walls and grey on the fourth wall. I was just getting sick of the colour and wanted something new and fresh, so I decided to go all grey with white accents. My room isn’t 100% finished, I’m still missing something over my bed (…head board? painting? I’m still deciding!) and I still need to mount my bedside shelf beside my bed and my large silver mirror but oh well! I feel like my room will never be 100% perfect, there will always be thing that I want to add or change so if I wait for perfection this post would never get published haha! I hope you guys like the room, I really had to lighten the pictures because the lighting in my room is horrible for pictures.

I am also going to do a ‘room organization’ post as well, I wanted to add it all into this post but it was just wayyy too much content, so I’m going to break it up into two different posts. Be sure to look out for that one in the coming weeks!

DSCN2588 (2)

This is my new work space area, where I work on my blog but also do my hair and makeup!

DSCN2548 (2)DSCN2565 (2)

Having extra makeup sponges and Q-tips on hand is key, but I also think they make cute decor as well!

DSCN2546 (3)

This tall chest-of-drawers houses all my beauty products, its the perfect piece of furniture for keeping me organized, and for keeping my room uncluttered!

The glass hurricane jar on top of the tall drawers is the one from my may favorites! I have another one on my shelf above the desk too, right beside the big white ‘M’. I love the look of them with a candle in it!

DSCN2549 (2)

I have a love for boutiques and my dream is to own my own one day, so I like to decorate my room in a boutique-like style with the racks of clothes and purses and accessories displayed on shelves. That’s where I get a lot of my room decor inspiration from.

DSCN2550 (2)

**Storage hack! -The great thing about displaying your purses out in your room as decor is that they can double as storage! This Rebecca Minkoff bag holds all my bathing suits and cover-ups.

DSCN2551 (2)DSCN2554 (2)

I’m a sucker for pillows and throw blankets if you couldn’t tell <3

DSCN2564 (2)

DSCN2556 (2)

This rack is home to all my newer clothing items that are going to be published in outfit posts on my blog! So this is a little sneak peak of whats to come!

DSCN2557 (2)

I have so many scarves that I needed to find a creative way to turn them into room decor, so I took all my gray, pink, white, black and beige scarves that go with my room colour scheme and rolled them up and put them in a basket. But then still had more that I needed to find a home for so I stacked a pile of them beside the basket too!

DSCN2559 (2)DSCN2562 (2)

This shelving unit holds all my shoes, I have them all sorted in these pink boxes. You’ll see more in the organization post i’m going to do!

DSCN2581 (3)

**Candle hack! – because I burn my candles so much which gets expensive I try to cut corners as much as possible. I like to add tea lights to the candles on my white candle holders, since they’re up so high on my shelving unit you cant actually see the tops on the candles. So when I burn the tea lights I have the illusion of the large candles burning without the unattractive look of half burnt candles & no need to ever buy new large candles! I just replace the tea lights every time they burn out instead! (I really hope my explanation of this makes sense!)

DSCN2589 (2)

These are my everyday jewelry staples that I keep out on hand for when I’m getting ready and running out the door!

DSCN2560 (2)DSCN2552 (2)

I have quite a lot of jewelry so I had to find creative ways to store some of the larger pieces that take up too much space in my jewelry cabinet, I thought placing them over ceramic vases looked really glam!

DSCN2569 (2)


I hope you guys enjoyed this post, and make sure to look out for my ‘Room Organization’ post coming soon!

Thanks so much for reading <3




Girly Chic Bedroom Inspo!


1.Opal jar Candle (3.oz) – here / 2. Reading Socks – here / 3. Taupe Throw – here / 4. Grey Pillow cover – here /  5. Ceramic Pineapple – here / 6. Pink Candle – here / 7. ‘You’re a whole lot of lovely’ Pink Marbled Mug – here / 8. Opal Jar Candle (9.oz) – here / 9. Ivory Throw – here / 10. Rug – here (under $15!) / 11. Silver Mirror – here / 12. Chair – here  / 13. Pink Pillow cover – here / 14. ‘M’ Wall Letter – here /

Hey friends!

I thought I’d start off the week with a little bedroom inspiration! Personally I find that I am so much more productive in a clean, organized environment, and since I don’t yet have my own house to have an office in, I have to make sure my room does double duty as a work space! I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’ve been in the process of painting and redecorating my bedroom, and that’s so I have a more functional and organized desk space, and an area to work in. I had a work space before but it was kind of dark and cluttered, I needed something a little more ‘me‘. I’m planning to do a room tour on my blog when it’s completely finished, but it’s not quite there yet (#PerfectionistProblems hahah).

Anyways- I’m linking all my favorites in girly chic decor under the photo, most of which I bought for my room.. Oops! You may have noticed I linked a couple textured throw blankets, I love these because they make such a difference on your bed, the texture in the throw gives some interest to your boring old comforter. But if you wanna take it to the next level –  try layering multiple throws on your bed(all of different textures), with lots of pillows. I find it gives off a really cozy and luxurious feel, which is a must for a glam bedroom! Lately I’ve had a slight obsession for candles that are so pretty they double as decor pieces, and let me just say; those opal jar candles I linked are everything! These babies are definitely on my shopping list for the next time I go to Indigo.

I hope this post gives you a little inspiration to make your room/house/office into a space that really speaks to you!

Thanks so much for reading <3