My Fall Morning Routine!


Good morning, Friends!

Today I’m trying something a little different, and sharing how a typical fall morning looks through my eyes. I always enjoy reading ‘routine’ posts from my favorite bloggers so I thought I would do my own! If you’ve read my blog before, you’d probably know that fall is my favorite season. There’s just something about the crisp air, and gorgeous tree colours that gives me a little extra energy to stay motivated and get things done. Work, school, gym, hobbies,  I seem to have energy for it all in the fall! Here’s what a typical morning working from home looks like for me:

7:50 am: My first alarm goes off, I turn it off

7:55 am: My Second alarm goes off, I turn it off

8 am: Third alarm goes off and I actually wake up this time (I’m totally one of those people who sets like 5 alarms before they need to wake up lol!) I lay in bed for 10 – 15 minutes with my phone, catching up on any notifications I may have gotten over night. This helps ease me into actually getting out of bed after waking up!

8:15 am: I make a tea (English breakfast) and my favorite porridge with brown sugar and cinnamon. I love eating porridge in the fall and winter because it’s so warm and filling, and I always find myself craving spices like cinnamon in the cooler months.

8:25 am: I schedule my blog posts to publish at 6am each morning, so as I eat my breakfast and enjoy my tea I will proofread my post over again, check how well it’s preforming, and email or comment back to anyone who wrote to me.

8:50 am: I like to take 10 minutes each morning and plan out what I need to get done that day. This is when I pull out my Kate Spade notebook and start my to-do list!

9 am: If I’m taking blog pictures that day I will shower and start getting my outfits steamed and ready for my shoot /// If I’m writing beauty or lifestyle posts that day I’ll go to the gym for an hour, and shower, before I get started on that.

10:30/11 am:  It’s time to do my makeup and get dressed for the day!

12 noon: By now I’ve got a good grip on my day and am ready to conquer my to-do list and get blog posts ready!


And that’s what a typical fall morning looks like for me.

Do you make any changes to your routine in the fall? Let me know in the comments below.




Autumn Cookie Wreath Recipe!


Hey guys!

Over the weekend my mom and I decided to do some baking in preparation for Thanksgiving next weekend(for Canadians). I remember my mom making a cookie wreath when I was kid and loved it, I’ve been meaning to make one myself for a few years now but just never got around to it. This weekend I didn’t have much planned so it seemed like the perfect time to try it out!


Sugar Cookie Recipe: 

**This recipe makes two batches for a full wreath**

1 cup Butter

2 cup White Sugar

2 Egg

2 1/2 teaspoon Vanilla

2 tablespoon Milk

4 cups Flour

3 teaspoon Baking Powder

1/2 teaspoon Salt

Bake at 350*



  • Start off by pre-heating your oven to 350*
  • Mix all of your dry ingredients in a bowl and then go ahead and add your wet ingredients to the same bowl. Blend well.
  • Once you have your cookie dough, roll into three separate portions. Wrap 2 portions in saran wrap and then put in the fridge to cool for an hour (or until hard).
  • With your left over portion make your acorn cookies. I shaped mine by hand by rolling them into a ball and squishing them flat (photo below). Next I shaped the ‘cap’ of the acorn by pressing in on the sides of my flattened ball and then added a little stem and hash marks.
  • Brush cinnamon over the ‘cap’ of the acorn to give it some colour.


  • Bake acorn cookies at 350* for 8 minutes or until desired (I like my cookies soft and chewy)
  • Next take your refrigerated dough portions from the fridge and roll flat. Cut out your leaf shaped cookies and lay on a baking sheet.
  • Bake at 350* for 7/8 minutes or until desired
  • Take some of your cookie dough scraps and roll into little balls and slightly flatten(to make berries) . Bake for 4 minutes.
  • Once all your cookies have been baked, let them cool in preparation for making the wreath!


The best part – Time to assemble your wreath!

This can be done any way you want, I chose not to put any icing on my cookies because I didn’t think they needed it. I liked the way the neutral tones looked with the subtle hints of brown from the acorns and berries. I flipped my ‘berry’ cookies over to show the browned side as a contrast throughout!



Thanks for stopping by!




Photography 101 – Home

When I got this assignment I thought for a long time about what I could take a picture of that represents home to me, and I decided that if I had to pick just one it would be of a place that I have been going to with my family every summer and autumn since I was born, this particular spot holds a special place in my heart, and so many amazing memeries. **However I didn’t take this picture today, it was taken last summer.

So this is what I chose as my photograph;


Home will never be just one place, or person, I believe that ‘home’ is anywhere or anyone that makes you feel completely comfortable, happy, and loved.

Home to me is;

  • Anywhere my family is
  • Quality time with my cat
  • Walking into my room after a long day and falling back onto my bed just to simply lay there for a minute
  • Having tea with my mom and Opa every Tuesday afternoon
  • Time spent with Peter
  • Getting together with all my girlfriends who I’ve known since elementary school
  • Sitting on the cliffs of Harrolds Point, watching the sunset (Pictured above)
  • Family gatherings
  • Looking through old photo albums and reminiscing

and sooo much more, home is a state of mind for me.

Thanks for reading <3


(This post is part of my photography 101 course for Blogging U)


DIY Golden Detail Vases


With Valentines day right around the corner, I thought I would DIY these pretty vases I saw on Pinterest a couple weeks ago.  I’m thinking we can use them to hold the flowers we may or may not be getting from our valentines ;). These vases are super easy and fun to make and cost less then $15 for all three!

What You Need:

  • Various glass vases or jars
  • Gold spray paint
  • Blue painters tape


  • Start by quickly washing your various sized glass vases
  • Tape off the top rim of the vase  (as pictured below)


  • Use your painters tape and tape off whatever pattern you want


  • Spray paint a thin layer of gold over your vase, wait an hour and then spray another thin layer of paint. You will want to layer the paint on thinly so the paint doesn’t start to drip, and make sure the paint is completely dry before you spray another layer. (continue this step until the paint is at your desired coverage)
  • Once your paint is dry, carefully peel off the tape
  • Then fill with flowers 🙂


It’s that easy!




Thanks for reading!