How I`m Getting Excited For Spring!


Okay, I know what your thinking… its not hard to get excited for spring. But I do a few things that make it extra enjoyable and I thought I would share what they are. Ive made a few of these posts on my blog for past seasons(Fall here, Christmas\Winter here) and figure why not keep it rolling through 2017. Maybe it will be fun to look back on and see how Ive changed(or stayed the same) from the year before.

Spring Cleaning (Room & Car)

Im usually OCD about things being clean and organized all the time but I find winter makes me lazy, and all I want to do after a long day is crawl into bed and watch Netflix. But the minute it starts to get warm out, I turn crazy OCD again and havvee to do a full clean of my room and car. I love the feeling of everything looking, feeling, and smelling fresh, from the moment I wake up, to my drive to work and back. Which leads me to my next point….

New Bath & Body Works Candles & Car Scentables

This one probably comes as no surprise; but every season I make a trip to BABW for new scents because I am a very …how do I even word this?…I like smells!. Every spring and summer I crave the smell of coconut and/or peaches, so I always lean towards BABW Peach Bellini, Georgian Peach, and Tiki Beach candles and car scents!

Fresh Blooms



Nothing brightens up a room like fresh spring flowers, I love tulips, daffodils, and pink roses this time of year. The pop of colour really catches your eye and the smells are just magical!

Updating My Wardrobe

I do this every season (#shopaholic) but I get extra excited when spring fashion rolls around because after a winter of being bundled up and layered under heavy coats and sweaters, there is really nothing better then shopping for light delicate pieces to start incorporating into your wardrobe. Im already itching for the day I can leave my heavy jacket at home for good!

Listening to County Music

There is seriously nothing better then a warm sunny day spent driving around with the windows down, blasting country music… enough said.

Changing My IPhone Background and Case

Since I’m a very seasonal girl(LOL!), I usually switch up my Iphone background to some sort of floral, and throw on a summery phone case. Right now Im actually on the hunt for a new summery phone case and am having trouble finding anything I like. So if you know any good sites for cute cases leave them in the comments below and I will love you forever! <3

Fresh Lipstick Huescovergirl-katy-perry-katy-kat-matte-lipstick-11

Pinks, Corals, and Roses- I love a bright, fresh lip in the spring! I just picked up a few more Katy Perry for Covergirl lipsticks and love them…I bought Pink Paws, Coral Cat and Sphynx.


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Current Favorites Under $50!



Smashbox primer set / Ribbed long sleeve / Jeans /  Blanket scarf / Bag Charm /

Hey guys!

Todays post is a mini round up of all my favorite buys under $50! Now that my holiday shopping has commenced I’ve been looking around for gift ideas for friends and family. But along the way I stumbled upon some items that I fell in love with/had to buy for myself, and share them with you! These would make great gifts for you to add to your wishlist OR to buy for any woman on your gift list!

SmashBox Primer Set

I actually picked up this Smashbox set for my birthday last month but wanted to mention it again because its actually a part of Smashbox’s Christmas gift sets, and the products inside are the best! This has quickly become my favorite primer and setting spray, and I don’t think i’ll ever go back to using anything else.

Ribbed Long Sleeve Turtleneck 

This turtleneck is the softest most comfortable shirt I have in my wardrobe right now, I’m obsessed, and it’s at such a great price point! I love the turtleneck on it but it actually has some pretty great length to it too, so I bought a couple extra smalls ‘s to tuck into highwaisted pants at work, but also sized up and bought a few small’s (for extra length) to wear with leggings, they cover the bum and it makes for the coziest outfit!


Okay.. don’t kill me, but I’m raving about these jeans again (Ooops!). Old Navy Rockstar jeans are my absolute favorite jeans and they are soooo affordable. I recommend everyone give them a try because they fit every body type, tall, short, petite, and plus, they will have a size for you!

Blanket Scarf

Warm and cozy plaid blanket scarf….need I say more?

Pom Pom

I’ve been obsessed with bag pom pom charms for a few years now and this year is no exception, but I thought I would change it up and get a black one and I love the way it looks! It looks very chic and goes with every bag I own.

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My Top 7 Must-Have Fall Essentials!


1. A Good Exfoliator (for body, face and lips)

Having a few good ecfoliators for your whole body is ideal when the weather cools off. It’s always good to sloff off any dry, dead skin in the shower so your moisturizer can soak in properly!

 My Favorites – Body Exfoliator / Face Exfoliator / Lip Exfoliator

2. A Hydrating Moisturizer (for body, face and lips)

Finding the perfect moisturizers for your skin isn’t always easy but once you do your skin will thank you for it. Getting a good skin care regimen in place now is smart so you can beat the dry skin before it starts.  I always lather up after using my exfoliators in the shower and my skin never feels better!

My Favorites – Body Moisturizer / Face Moisture SerumLip Balm

3. Nail Polish in a Darker Hue

Burgundy, forest green, taupe,and navy are all my favorite nail colours for this time of year! I love the look of a good manicure while I’m sipping on my favorite hot beverage in the cool months.

My current Favorite  –  Revlon Colorstay Gel Enamel (in colour *Queen Of Hearts*)

4. A Warm and Cozy Sweater

Perfect for wearing on days that you want to be super warm and comfortable. You can dress them up for work with a slim dress pant and heels. Or grab your favorite over sized-sweater, with leggings and boot socks for a cozy ‘day off’ look! 

5. A Go-To Hot Drink

Whether it be a pumpkin spice latte, coffee, tea or hot chocolate, everyone has to have a favorite hot drink for sipping on that gives you a warm comforting feeling on a cool day!

6. A Good Pair of Boots  (that go with everything)

Everyone has their preference in style of boot – knee high, mid, ankle, or bootie. So whatever that is- grab a pair in a neutral colour to wear with all your outfits this season. Boots are an instant seasonal outfit refresher, turning even boring jeans and a tee shirt into a cute fall outfit!

My Pick – Tan Boot (I own this pair, and wear them with everything!)

7. Seasonal Accessories

Seasonal accessories have got to be my favorite part about fall fashion! Blanket scarves, boot socks, beanies and mittens, all of the coziest pieces come out of our closets this season and they all have amazing power in adding seasonal flair to any outfit!

My Picks –  Blanket Scarf / Boot Socks /


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June Favorites!

Happy July everyone!

I hope everyone had a great long weekend. I can’t believe it’s already July and I’m rounding up my June Favorites, I feel like just last week I was compiling my May Favorites! This post is a bit of a mixture of new products and a few oldies that I have recently re-discovered and have been using religiously.

June Favs2_edited-1

Face Mask – here / Bath Bubble Bar – here / Hair Mask – here / High Beam Highlighter – here / Maybelline Powder – here / Chapstick – here / Tea – here / Dry Erase Calendar – here / Fresh Flowers /

Blueberry Face Mask –

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you will know I’m a big fan of the Face Shop’s facial sheet masks, and this blueberry one is no exception! Every time I go into the Face Shop I try new masks because they have so much variety and all do such a good job for such a reasonable price(only $2)! My face feels so sooth and hydrated after each use and the masks do a really good job of evening out my skin tone.

Lush Bubble Bar –

I tried one of these for the first time this month and was able to get about three uses out of it, I broke off pretty big chunks each time because I wanted my bubbles to be really dense and luxurious haha! This bar definitely did not disappoint, I’ll have to go back to Lush and buy a few more. These are waaaay better then using a liquid bubble bath soap, I find my skin feels so moisturized afterwards!

Hask; Keratin Protein Hair Mask –

I have used the Hask; Monoi Oil Hair mask before and talked about it in this post, but I just tried the Keratin Protein version this month and loved it so much! The smell was so amazing instead of leaving it on for 30 mins like the package recommends I slept with it in and my hair felt soooo hydrated when I washed it out the next morning!

Benefit High Beam –

I’m a sucker for highlighters in the summer because I love the look of tan, dewy skin! I’ve used High Beam for a while now and I always reach for it when I want a highlighter that’s going to stand out(in a good way). However if your looking for a less expensive highlighter I have written about a Maybelline one in my April Favorites post, which is really good too and fairly comparable to the benefit high beam.

Maybelline Dream Wonder Powder –

I just bought this at the beginning of the month and love it! The shade of the powder matches perfectly with my fake tan which I was having a tough time finding since I’m not used to buying dark makeup (since I’m naturally really fair). It’s a pretty good coverage for a powder too which is nice because I don’t always want to wear foundation if I’m just running errands or going to the beach. Only downside is I’ve only been using it for a month, if that, and it’s already almost gone. The pan that the powder sits in is deceivingly shallow, so buy it when it’s on sale!

ChapStick –

This one is pretty self explanatory, cherry flavored ChapStick is my go-to! I love the smell but also that it gives off a bit of red tint on my lips so I don’t always have to wear lipstick. It’s also the perfect base for when you are wearing lipstick, because it helps prevent your lipstick from drying out.

Passion Tea Lemonade –

Last month I told you guys that I was downing lemonade like it was my day job, but this month I decided to freshen things up a bit and make Passion Tea Lemonade inspired by everyone’s favorite Starbucks drink! Recipe is in this post, you have to try it! You’ll love it, It’s super refreshing!

Dry Erase Calender –

I’ve always been a list person, and always tried to be an agenda person but could never stick with it. I would use my agenda for a few weeks and then forget about it and become all disorganized again, out of sight out of mind, right? So I figured if I had a calendar that I could hang on my wall I would never forget to keep organized, and it worked! I got this cute one from Indigo but it’s actually just a big sticker that you stick to your wall, I didn’t like the idea of not being able to take it down and write on it so I stuck it to foam poster board and then velcrowed it to the wall. This way I can easily take it down and write on it!

Fresh Cut Flowers –

These are a no brainer, who doesn’t love fresh cut flowers in their house!? I’m really loving peonies now that they’re in season.


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