May Favorites!

Hey Guys!

Happy Friday everyone, I’m doing something a little different for my Favorites post this month and sharing a few of my favorite summer trends instead of my usual Makeup picks. My makeup routine has stayed the same through May so I don’t have much to share and thought this would be a good time to add something new into the mix!



ONYX Professional Nail Dryer – here (On SALE for $2!!) 

This stuff is a game changer and definitely my favorite out of all my picks this month! If you’re prone to smudged nail polish because you cant sit still for long enough for it to dry, your not alone! Waiting for nail polish to dry/smudged polish is probably my biggest pet peeve, so you can imagine my excitement after finally finding a product that prevents this. Its a aerosol spray that smells like coconut and dries your polish 10x faster then letting them air dry, and its only $8! I tested it out myself and had a perfect mani with only 1 minute of dry time…life changer!

The Body Shop Youth Facial Peel – here 

I kept seeing this product all over Instagram so I had to give it a try for myself. Its a gel-like liquid that you apply to your face in circular motions, and you can start to see the dead skin cells peel off instantly. My verdict: It’s amazing! My face feels sooo soft and clean after each use.

Dove Advanced Care Coconut Deodorant – here 

Okay I know this is pretty random to add to my favorites but I switched over to this deodorant for the summer because it smells like coconut and works sooooo well. With summer around the corner I love everything coconut and moisturizing, and this deodorant is the best of both worlds while keeping me dry at the same time!


One Shoulder

I’ve been loving the one shoulder trend just as much as my favorite off-the-shoulder trend. I think it’s the perfect mix of sexy and practical because the one strap keeps the shirt in place so you don’t have to keep pulling it up or adjusting, but it still has the sexy bare shoulder and exposed collar bone on the other side. Making this the perfect summer trend!

Lace Up

You guys know I’ve been loving this trend for a while, and the month of May has been no different. I love pieces that have interest to them but are still comfortable, so this trend is perfect since most ‘lace up’ tops are just normal cotton tees or tanks with the lace details added in.


Yellow is big for summer this year so I’ve been stocking up my closet in preparation. I always used to love wearing yellow as a kid and I’m so happy its come back in style for the summer. Not that it was ever ‘out of style’ but yellow just hasn’t been the ‘it’ colour in a while so its been hard to find in stores, until now!


Currently Burning – Georgia Peach Bath & Body Works Candle – here

I’ve been burning my Bath&BodyWorks Georgia Peach candle all month! It’s the perfect spring and summer scent for your house and car, I have the car scents too and get compliments on how good my car smells all the time!

Greenery (instead of flowers)

I love how tropical this looks in a vase without adding flowers, and they stay alive for months! Its the perfect alternative to buying fresh flowers and much less expensive. Each leaf usually costs around .99 cents and you only need a couple for an arrangement.

The Bachelorette

Who else is watching this season? I love Rachel and she seems to have a pretty great group of guys this season! Peter is my favourite so far…but I might be name biased haha!


On another note: I’m starting to feel a lot better! So Peter and I are planning a blog shoot tomorrow morning, which means more OOTD posts coming soon! Also its National Doughnut day so I’m going for a doughnut and iced lemonade run after I publish this post! Follow me on Instagram for updates on what I get up to this weekend 🙂 links are in the side bar!

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Flirty Spring (Pin)Stripes!

IMG_5429 (2)IMG_5397 (2)IMG_5378 (2)IMG_5442 (2)IMG_5390 (2)IMG_5410 (2)IMG_5448 (2)IMG_5441 (2)

Similar Jacket / Top / Pants / Sandals / Braceletes here and here /

Lip Colour / Earrings /

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Todays outfit is one that I wore to a local event last night for Fluers De Villes at Mapleview, I’m going to recap the event for you in Fridays blog post so I don’t want to spill too many details. If you guys have me on instagram you have probably already seen a few behind the scenes snaps I added to my story last night 😉 It was a truly stunning event.

Anyways, I picked up this little blouse last week and fell in love with it instantly, its very feminine, and super flattering…especially through the waist! The slight peplum detailing has just the right amount of volume without being over the top, the look is very stream lined and flirty. Banana also came out with a matching ‘soft short’ (the ones I mentioned in my April favs post) which would look so cute paired together for a Sunday brunch or baby shower.

Also, high five to anyone who noticed that my hair is different in today’s post! I finally changed it up and I’m sort of loving it, so you”ll probably be seeing more of it this summer ❤

Thanks for stopping by, and I’ll see you Friday 🙂

Green Jean & Neckercheif!

IMG_4894 (2)IMG_4938 (2)

IMG_4940 (2)IMG_4878 (2)

IMG_4946 (2)IMG_4906 (2)IMG_4957 (2)Similar Jeans (almost identical!)/ White Camisole / Similar Jacket / Neck Scarf / Similar Purse / Shoes /

Hey friends,

We made it to the long weekend and I couldn’t be more excited!! I just want to say happy Easter (in advance) to all of you lovely people, and that I appreciate every single one of you for coming back to my blog daily or even weekly to read about what I’m into or what I’m wearing. You guys are honestly the best, so thank you for your continued support ❤ ❤ With that being said I would love to write about what you want to see, so if you ever have any suggestions for posts you’d like me to write, they are always welcome in the comments or you can even e-mail me at

Okay lets talk about this outfit because I’m loving olive green these days. I bought these jeans at Old Navy(I know, shocker right?) and they are already sold out! So that must be an indicator that they’re going to be trendy for spring/summer this year. I wear a lot of white tops & blouses in the summer so I love a good coloured pant that I can pair with them, and these jeans fit the bill. The green and white give a fresh feel to this outfit and I love the way my neck scarf and jean jacket ground the outfit with the splash of navy blue.

Thanks for stopping by, I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!

OH! and before I forget, keep a look out for the announcement of the stationary giveaway winner on Instagram today. I will be tagging the winner in the original giveaway post 🙂

Deep V Lace Up Top!


Top / Jeans / Bag / Necklace / Earrings / Similar Flats / Similar Sunglasses /

Good Morning everyone!

Leave it to the wind to mess up my hair again (Lol!), I really need to make more of an effort to wear hats or something on windy days! Anyways… I wore this outfit on a little date night with peter last week and it was perfect for what we had panned. We went out for Thai food to one of our favorite spots in the next town over, and did a little window shopping down their main street while we were there. If any of you watch the show `The Good Witch` starring Catherine Bell, the main street is actually the one they film scenes on regularly(which I thought was pretty cool!). The weather was surprisingly warm which was a nice change from our usual below zero winter days, so the long sleeves and jeans were just right for the temps! I just bought this shirt last week and have already worn it 3 times because its cute and trendy without sacrificing comfort.. this thing is so comfy. The lace up detailing makes a statement, but I think its the colour that I love the most. I`ve never owned anything in this shade of blush/mauve but I think I need to invest in more pieces now hahah!

I hope everyone has a great Monday,

Thanks for stopping by!

Valentines Day* Heart-Shaped Apple Cinnamon Rolls!

Good morning and happy Friday!

For today’s post I wanted to share my heart-shaped apple cinnamon rolls with you! I made these last night for Peter as an early Valentines day treat, since hes going away for a week and wont be here on the actual day. I know chocolate is a Valentines day staple, but Peter doesn’t eat a lot of chocolate so I wanted to do something a little different this year. Instead I decided I would spruce up a regular cinnamon roll and make it into a mini cinnamon apple pie roll -two of Peters favorites, cinnamon rolls and apple pie….who am I kidding, I’m sure those two are everyones favorites!

These were super easy to make so its not much of a recipe post because everything I bought was pre-made. I’m posting this idea for anyone else who is looking for something easy, delicious, and different then the typical chocolate Valentines day desserts.


What you’ll need

– Pillsbury *Cinnabon* Flaky Supreme Cinnamon Roll Dough (makes 5 rolls and comes with icing)

-Apple pie filling


What To Do

-Unroll the cinnamon rolls and line the strips of dough with the apple’s from the pie filling

-Roll the dough back up in the shape of a heart

-Once rolled back up, I take a knife and add a layer of the apple jelly from the pie filling on top of each roll before putting in the oven

-bake at 350 for about 20 minutes – or until golden brown

-Remove from oven, let cool for 10 minutes (if you can!), drizzle with icing and enjoy 🙂



I mentioned on Instagram that these puppies got scarfed down immediately after baking. There was no “let cool for 10 minutes” waiting time for us, they smelt soo good, we couldn’t wait!

If anyone tries this idea let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend.


Transitioning Into Spring!


Similar Turtle Neck / Similar Vest / Less Expensive Vest Option / Jeans / Boots / BagEarrings / Similar Ring / Watch / Similar Sunglasses /

Hey Guys!

Todays post is the first of probably quite a few ‘transitional’ outfits I’ll be posting, since the weather is at a weird in between point where some days it’s mild and other days it’s freezing. I picked up this vest at a boutique in my local mall (which unfortunately doesn’t have a website!), and thought it would be a perfect third piece for transitioning into spring/summer. I love the way it looks layered over a turtle neck for the colder temps we are experiencing now, but I also tried pairing it over a fitted dress for later and it looked so good! I’m also picturing it in the summer with a pair of drapey shorts and a tank, to add a trendier vibe to an otherwise basic outfit.

On another note, I bought two silk neck scarves today, the trend I wasn’t sure I would try for myself, but I tried it and fell inlove! So you’ll definitely be seeing that trend popping up on the blog sooner or later haha!

Thanks for stopping by,


Black Check OOTD!


Jacket / Shirt / Scarf / Jeans / Boots / Bag / Watch / Similar Sunglasses /

Good Morning guys!

I finally got my hands on a camera cord, so I’m back to my usual outfits post this week! This is the outfit I wore in Toronto last week, Peter and I went for lunch and to a museum for the afternoon. It was a chilly day so this over-sized scarf was the perfect piece for staying warm and toasty in the city. I know I talk about the Old Navy Rockstar jeans a lot on here but I just ordered the ‘sculpt’ denim ones and am even more obsessed! They are super flattering and hold their shape all throughout the day, which I loveee! Its one of my biggest pet peeves when denim stretches out during the day and I have to pull them up constantly because they’ve lost their shape, these jeans never do that. They’re only $50(!!) …plus they always go on sale for 30% off, so keep your eyes peeled for that if you want to try them out. Anyways -I’m off to take some outfit pictures with Peter because hes going away for a week and I need to make sure I’ve got content for you guys while hes gone.

Enjoy the rest of your day and thanks for stopping by!