Valentines Day* Heart-Shaped Apple Cinnamon Rolls!

Good morning and happy Friday!

For today’s post I wanted to share my heart-shaped apple cinnamon rolls with you! I made these last night for Peter as an early Valentines day treat, since hes going away for a week and wont be here on the actual day. I know chocolate is a Valentines day staple, but Peter doesn’t eat a lot of chocolate so I wanted to do something a little different this year. Instead I decided I would spruce up a regular cinnamon roll and make it into a mini cinnamon apple pie roll -two of Peters favorites, cinnamon rolls and apple pie….who am I kidding, I’m sure those two are everyones favorites!

These were super easy to make so its not much of a recipe post because everything I bought was pre-made. I’m posting this idea for anyone else who is looking for something easy, delicious, and different then the typical chocolate Valentines day desserts.


What you’ll need

– Pillsbury *Cinnabon* Flaky Supreme Cinnamon Roll Dough (makes 5 rolls and comes with icing)

-Apple pie filling


What To Do

-Unroll the cinnamon rolls and line the strips of dough with the apple’s from the pie filling

-Roll the dough back up in the shape of a heart

-Once rolled back up, I take a knife and add a layer of the apple jelly from the pie filling on top of each roll before putting in the oven

-bake at 350 for about 20 minutes – or until golden brown

-Remove from oven, let cool for 10 minutes (if you can!), drizzle with icing and enjoy 🙂



I mentioned on Instagram that these puppies got scarfed down immediately after baking. There was no “let cool for 10 minutes” waiting time for us, they smelt soo good, we couldn’t wait!

If anyone tries this idea let me know in the comments!

Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful weekend.



Black, White and Faux


Black Dress similar here and super cute crop top version here / ivory skirt similar here / Earmuffs – dynamite (no longer online) / Faux Fur Snood similar here / Ivory Knit Infinity Scarf here / Mittens – Forever21 in stores but similar here / Bag similar here .. loving this one here / Thigh High Socks (on sale only $14!) here / Boots (on sale for only $44!) here /

Happy Thursday everyone!

I’m all about trying to get the most wear out of my clothes, so believe it or not this black top is actually a dress! I wanted to layer it with this ivory skirt over top to show how you can get more wear out of your wardrobe! Speaking of layering, my scarf is actually layered too! It’s a faux fur snood and then I just wrapped a infinity scarf around the outside of it to bulk it up, which makes it look completely different! Switching up your wardrobe by layering is perfect for this time of year because more layers = more warmth, and I don’t know about you but I’ll take as much warmth as I can get!


Thanks for reading!